Best Adult Bike Helmets in 2022 | A Comparison & Tips

Best Adult Bike Helmet

The human heart could be our life support, but our brain is the most potent human organ that makes our life beautiful and exciting. Isn’t it necessary to protect this delicate organ with utmost care? Bikes are a craze for many individuals, especially guys. Some are ready to sell all their stuff and devote their entire savings for a savvy bike that is the latest in the market.

All this is good, but what about adult bike helmets that hold equal importance protecting us while rooming around the streets or rushing through highways? Even while riding a bicycle, skating, or snowboarding, head safety, and protection is of utmost importance. For that, a good bike helmet is mandatory. We have listed down the top 10 adult bike helmet reviews and buying guides for an ideal shopping experience for your convenience.

Given below are the top 10 adult bike helmets chosen based on various important factors.

Top 10 Adult Bike Helmets in 2022

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Each of the helmets listed here has been chosen carefully to fulfill the purpose of wearing a helmet.

10. Skull Cap Kids & Adult Helmet

Skull Cap Kids & Adult Helmet

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Most injuries are prone to happen in the lower head area, and half-shell helmets like the Skull Cap helmets provide maximum protection against them. The headgear is made of a hard polycarbonate outer cover, and the inner layer has an EPS foam for protection against impact.

Don’t worry about sweating, as the helmet has eight air vents to keep you cool. The in-mold technology used for the design makes it robust and comfortable to wear daily while skateboarding, BMX biking, and more.

Key Features
  • Meets German quality standards
  • 430 g making it a lightweight gear
  • Half-shell helmet
  • Good ventilation
  • It fits snugly on the head
  • Suitable for individuals aged between 6 and 99
  • Material quality is not too great

9. Apusale Adjustable Bike Helmet 

Apusale Adjustable Bike Helmet

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Enjoy a great day doing your preferred sporting activity with the Apusale helmets that are incredibly lightweight and comfortable to wear. It is only about 350 grams making it easy to carry, and it comes with a beautiful gift bag that makes it simple even for kids to take it with them. The helmet has an ABS shell on the outside and an EPS foam inside to protect against impacts.

Stay cool during summer with the 12 vents that allow the proper flow of air while driving. The helmet is easily adjustable with side-release buckles that are simple to adjust or tighten as per your needs. The headgear comes in three different sizes, making it ideal for kids, youths, and adults.

Key Features
  • CPSC and ASTM certified
  • Lightweight
  • A gift bag makes it easy to carry
  • Different colors
  • Removable padding makes it easy to clean
  • Fit is not too comfortable

8. Triple Eight Bike Helmet

Triple Eight Bike Helmet

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Go for the Triple Eight adult bike helmet for protecting your head as finely as possible, as the company has collaborated with professional riders in BMX, longboarding, and commuting to come up with the ideal fit, design, and functionality. The helmet has a patented MIPS technology that aims to minimize rotational forces that could arise due to the impact. The helmet comes with an ABS shell and EPS liner to minimize the impact.

Sweating is bad. It stinks, keeps you uncomfortable, and ruins your sporting experience. The Triple Eight company understands this and has come up with a Sweatsaver liner with a lining that reduces sweat, an anti-bacterial treatment that avoids stinks, and a 360-degree design to avoid any liner separation. The headgear is double certified by CPSC and ASTM, making it a perfect choice for skateboarding, scooter, BMX, and roller skates.

Key Features
  • ABS shell and EPS foam
  • Sweatsaver Fit Pads
  • Adjustable chin strap
  • Double certified
  • 180-day warranty
  • Comes in three various sizes and different colors
  • Close fit that’s comfortable
  • Inappropriate sizing that doesn’t fit many head circumferences

7. JBM Multi-sports Helmet 

JBM Multi-sports Helmet

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Kids are precious gifts to parents who must be given maximum protection and safety. The JBM brand understands this well and has designed its headgear with a unique design that maximizes comfort and protection for children. Does your kid enjoy roller skating, scootering, cycling, or skateboarding? Don’t worry about their safety, but just put on the JBM helmet on their head to keep them safe and protected.

It is made of sturdy PVC and PC with shock-absorbing EPS foam that safeguards the kid during fall or injury; the helmet guarantees maximum impact resistance.

Kids are unmindful of summer or winter when it comes to playtime. But, we as parents must be mindful of their health. The multiple vents provided on the helmet and breathable foam minimizes sweating and keeps the children cool. You have three different sizes to choose from, each of which consisting of adjustable straps and buckles that could be tightened/loosened for the right fit.

Key Features
  • Ideal for 50-54 cm head circumference
  • Strap adjustability
  • Unisex headgear
  • Aerodynamic design and breathable foam
  • The excellent vent design prevents an increase in body temperature due to intense activities.
  • A multi-sports helmet that provides safety and comfort when used for different activities
  • Good protection against impact
  • 30-day return policy
  • Does not provide sufficient protection against falls

6. Retrospec Sports Helmet

Retrospec Sports Helmet

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The product is tried and tested, garnering overwhelming approvals for use in biking, skating, and skiing. The Retrospec CM-1 helmet is a classic in its category with a good design and boasts of uncompromised protection. The adult bike helmet comes with an outer ABS shell that offers 100% protection on the outside, and the inside has high-quality EPS foam that is shock-absorbing.

The classic skate design imposed in the product ensures that the headgear handles all your sporting requirements. Stay cool during summer with ten vents that allow optimal airflow, while the two sets of interchangeable padding allow for custom fit and remove sweat. Above all, the helmet is CPSC certified, proving comfortable, safe, and durable for long rides.

Key Features
  • Three different sizes-small, medium and large
  • Classic skate design
  • 10 air vents
  • ABS shell and EPS foam offer maximum protection and shock-absorption
  • Multiple matte colors make the helmet attractive
  • Removable padding helps in custom fitting the helmet
  • Matte finish increases the scratch potential
  • Ill-fitting

5. Mongoose Adult Bike Helmet 

Mongoose Adult Bike Helmet

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Here is a helmet that’s fully equipped to capture the various beautiful incidents in your life as you ride through the steep mountains or the colorful towns with a built-in action camera mount option. If photography interests you, the Mongoose adult bike helmet is sure to impress you. Be ready to record hands-free in the camera mount provision and click great photos while you have a pleasant and safe riding experience.

The camera mount is compatible with GoPro Hero (2, 3, 3+, 4, 5, or 6). The product is lightweight and durable, but the manufacturer ensures maximum safety with the ABS micro-shell design built for protection. Stay cool during hot summer days with 15 air vents rightly located optimally.

Key Features
  • Built-in action camera mount option
  • Adjustable dial fit
  • ABS micro-shell
  • 360-degree adjustability using a rear dial knob helps you find the right fit for your head circumference
  • An excellent buy for amateur and experienced biker cum photographers
  • Elevates riding experience with the perfect camera holder in the helmet
  • Lightweight and durable
  • 15 air vents
  • Uncomfortable fit

4. Thalia Women’s Exclusive Helmet

Thalia Women’s Exclusive Helmet

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Truly a helmet exclusively for the female gender that helps them hit the streets with confidence and ease. A good fit is desired above everything else when purchasing a helmet. The Thalia helmet makes commendable use of the True Fit system. The system is designed to eliminate any strap and hardware adjustments that confuse the rider and facilitates a good fit with just a single adjustment to the chin strap. Once the strap is in place, all you must do is buckle up the helmet and head out for a smooth ride.

Experience comfort irrespective of the weather around you, with the help of 16 vents that keep you cool with ample airflow to the head. Ideal for those aged 14 and above, but the head circumference does play a key role-please ensure that it measures between 54 and 58 cms. A visor in the front of the helmet prevents glare and protects you while driving.

Key Features
  • Meets CPSC safety standards
  • 16 vents
  • Pinch guard provision
  • True Fit design
  • Excellent airflow due to the numerous vents present
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Enjoy pinch-free buckling against the skin
  • One-step adjustment
  • Specially designed for women
  • No adjustment dial
  • Size too small

3. OutdoorMaster Multi-sport Helmet 

OutdoorMaster Multi-sport Helmet

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There is nothing here to hesitate to buy an OutdoorMaster Multi-sport helmet as this is a double-certified product: ASTM and CPSC certified. The product indeed deserves this as it is made of reinforced abs shell and an EPS core that works as a high shock absorbent. A good fit is uncompromisable, and adjustable straps ensure that the helmet fits well on your head. The OutdoorMaster helmet has an adjustable chin strap besides a large and robust adjustment dial that fits well and makes the wearing experience as comfortable as possible.

Besides using the helmet as a protective gear for cycling and riding, enjoy wearing it even when you go for skateboarding, BMX, MTB, roller-skating, and more. The headgear comes with two removable liners, which could be used according to different head sizes, and the detachable option makes it easy to clean and wash the liner. The product has an excellent ventilation system with 12 air vents for breathability.

Key Features
  • Extra removable liner
  • Lightweight and unique design
  • Reinforced abs shell and shock-absorbing EPS core
  • Good ventilation
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Good product for use during different sporting activities
  • It fits well, comfortable and safe to use
  • Double certified
  • It comes in various attractive colors
  • Helmet size is smaller than expected
  • Unsuitable for elongated heads

2. Zacro Bike Helmet with Headband

Zacro Bike Helmet with Headband

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Zacro helmets are environmental-friendly with unique designs that guarantee shock absorption and maximum cushioning. The helmet is made of high-quality EPS, PC, and PVC. The manufacturer has left no stones unturned, and the helmet comes with a removable protective lining pad that is easy to maintain. It can be washed and worn regularly. The product is CPSC certified, which means that the product guarantees maximal safety and protection to your head.

Fit is a primary priority, and the Zacro helmets come with adjustable straps (54-62 cms) to provide the right fit. Summer times can be frustrating, and wearing a helmet could mean more sweat and discomfort. But don’t worry, as the helmet comes with 18 honeycomb-like vents that come with a unique aerodynamic design to keep you as cool as possible while riding.

We need to make adjustments every time we put on the helmet to get the perfect fit. But this helmet has a quick-release buckle that can be buckled and unbuckled without changing the adjustment.

Key Features
  • EPS foam, PC & PVC material
  • Long adjustable strap
  • CPSC-certified
  • 18 honeycomb vents
  • The lining pad absorbs sweat and is easy to clean and reuse
  • Provides cooling effect to the user enhancing riding experience
  • Lightweight material and the breathable inner pad makes the helmet comfortable to wear
  • Colorful headband provided as an accessory which could be used as scarves or hats suiting your riding, running and all other outdoor activities
  • No visor
  • Straps loosen after using the product for a few times

1. Schwinn Microshell Bike Helmet

Schwinn Microshell Bike Helmet

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Schwinn is America’s most loved bicycle brand expertise in manufacturing bicycles for outdoor purposes and a home gym. Any fitness lover would love this brand for its quality and innovative design. If you are aged 14 years and above, please don’t hesitate to buy the Schwinn thrasher lightweight helmet-but ensure that your head circumference is between 22.88 and 24.5 inches.

The circumference is not a concern when making a direct purchase from the store, as you are likely to try it out before purchasing. But, the measurement is vital for online purchases as too tight or loose helmets don’t serve their desired purpose. This adult bike helmet is fit for use during any time of the year and makes you feel comfortable even during hot summer days-there are 20 top air vents in place to keep you cool even under the scorching sun.

Fit is crucial for the utmost safety, and Schwinn knows it well. The helmet comes with an adjustable side strap that lets you make adjustments to keep the helmet as comfortable as possible snugly on your head. Be surprised with the 360-degree adjustability option for enjoying custom-fit helmets. There is also a provision for a visor that is detachable, though, to minimize glare.

Key Features
  • Adjustable side straps
  • Three-piece micro-shell
  • 20 air vents in the top
  • Dial fit adjustable technology
  • EPS with PVC micro-shell offers durability and comfort
  • Visor provision reduces glare
  • A world-class product from a reputed brand
  • Visor often detaches from the helmet
  • Not durable

What Points to Consider Before Choosing an Adult Bike Helmet

Bike helmets are designed to offer protection to our heads when there is an unfortunate accident. The helmet must be comfortable, made of excellent material to withstand shock/tension, and keep you safe. Every helmet is made of two components-an  (EPS) expanded polystyrene foam liner for withstanding shock and a sturdy outer shell that shelters the EPS liner. The following points must be considered before choosing a bike helmet.

  • Fit: Proper fit is the most crucial element while buying a helmet. The fit should not be too loose nor too tight that you sweat profusely and wait for an excuse to refrain from wearing one. Any bike helmet must sit comfortably on your head and cover it entirely for 100% protection. Some helmets have the option to adjust the size using a retention system. This system has a dial that makes the inner fit small or big, depending on your needs.
  • Weight: All of us love to speed up on the road, and for this, a lightweight helmet serves the purpose. But, also be ready to spend more as you’ll have to shell extra bucks for a sturdy yet lightweight helmet.
  • Material: Helmets come with padding, which serves a variety of purposes. Many helmets have multiple layers of padding that come in varying thicknesses to get the perfect fit for your head. At the same time, the padding also prevents you from sweating profusely, offering protection to the head. It is better to choose ones that have vents as it keeps your head cooler, but these are also the ones that are not the safest as they are lighter and offer less protection due to more open spaces.
  • Safety: Every helmet has a sticker inside it that defines its safety standards. Those worn in the U.S. must meet the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) standard-those that fulfills this standard has the CPSC sticker. Many other standards followed, but all of them assess specific primary criteria that include shock absorption, retention system qualities, vision, and chin strap quality that enhance protection. It is ideal for replacing your helmet every couple of years to ensure maximum safety.

Other Factors to Consider for Best Protection

Cycling, racing, biking, snowboarding, and other such things involve speeding. Individuals are thrilled by the adrenaline rush that they experience when they beat others. Such things might sound like fun, but don’t we know that speed thrills but also kills? It is better to maintain an optimal speed in whatever you might do.

A powerful headlight is also necessary to know bumps and hurdles that might affect your riding experience. Above all, we have different types of helmets that suit different riding needs. The most important of them include road cycling helmets, mountain bike helmets, full-face helmets, and urban cycling helmets.

Choose a helmet depending on your riding speed, style, and needs. The budget does play an important role here, as the money paid determines the quality received.


A helmet is an indispensable accessory that helps to prevent more than 50% of head injuries. Choosing the right helmet is necessary to keep your head safe and protected even when you fall, hit against anything hard, or likewise. It is always recommended to go for a headgear made of good quality material and is comfortable to wear with proper ventilation for the price paid. The buying guide above should help you find your right adult bike helmet keeping your needs in mind.

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