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Top 10 Best Ball Chairs in 2021 | The Insightful Tips

Are you aware that sitting on a regular chair for long hours can lead to spine problems later in your life? To avoid such issues, you need to get the best ball chair. These chairs come with various benefits like improve posture, lower back pain, improve coordination, prevent swelling, and strengthen the core. On top of that, they are versatile and can be used for pilates, meditation, yoga, and other workouts.

Choosing the best ball chair can be difficult because they are very many different options on the market. In this article, we have highlighted and reviewed the top ten best ball chairs on the market to assist you to select the best one. Take a look below:

List of the Top 10 Best Ball Chairs in 2021 You Should Consider

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10. Safco 4750BU Ball Chair

Safco 4750BU Ball Chair

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This is a multifunctional ball chair that can be used as an office chair, yoga chair, home chair, and exercise chair. This chair offers an active seating position that helps you to maintain a good posture and concentration. Its stand is made with four powder-coated steel legs for durability and stability. It has a maximum weight capacity of 250 lbs, making it perfect for both children and adults.

On top of that, the height of this seat is adjustable from 20 to 23-inches depending to the user height. This seat weight only 250 lbs making it easy to carry from one place to another. It is also effortless to inflate and comes with a free manual pump. This chair is available in seven different colors options to suit your specific likes and needs.

Key Features
  • Material: Anti-Burst material
  • Weight Capacity: 250-lbs
  • Height options: 20 to 23
  • Dimensions: 22.5 by 23 by 22.5-inches
  • It is super easy to inflate
  • Relieves back pain.
  • Doesn’t require any assemble
  • Comfortable and safe to use
  • Made of non-toxic and safe material
  • Backless design but promotes good posture

9. Trideer Ball Chair

Trideer Ball Chair

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If you’re looking to replace your office chair with a ball chair, then the Trideer Ball Chair is a perfect choice for you. This seat is ideal for home and office use. You can add it to your home or gym as an exercise ball chair for yoga or muscle building. Moreover, it can be used as an office to improve your stability and posture.

It is constructed from an extra thick PVC material that can comfortably support up 2000 lbs. Hence, you will feel safe when using this seat. This chair also features a non-slip base for added stability and grip when using it. Lastly, this seat is waterproof and simple to clean with a cloth.

Key Features
  • Material: Extra thick PVC
  • Weight capacity: 2000lbs
  • Size options: 65cm & 75cm
  • Color options: 8
  • BPA and latex-free
  • Ideal for home and office use
  • Easy and quick to inflate
  • Comes with a foot-pump
  • Does not deflate easily
  • Pricey compared to others but made from durable materials

8. PharMeDoc Balance Ball Chair

PharMeDoc Balance Ball Chair

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Improve the way you sit and reduce backache caused by normal office chairs by using this ball chair from PharMeDoc. This seat has an ergonomic design that aligns your spine and back naturally. It’s made of vinyl material, which is robust, comfortable and durable material. This chair can withstand up to 300 lbs.

The PharMeDoc chair features a removable backrest for added comfort when sitting for long hours. It also has sturdy rolling wheels for smooth movement around the office or house. The wheels are lockable to prevent it from rolling away. It is also simple to assemble and comes with all essential installation tools.

Key Features
  • Material: thick vinyl
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Size: 20-inches diameter
  • Weight: 10 pounds
  • Very comfortable to use
  • Perfect for home or office use
  • It comes with a pump
  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Easy to assemble and inflate
  • Limited color options

7. Gaiam Balance Disc Chair

Gaiam Balance Disc Chair

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Turn your home or office seat into a ball chair by placing this disc on top. The good thing about this disc is affordable than a full set ball seat. It measures 16-inch in diameter and works well with many chairs. It is very comfortable to use and durable at the same time.

This balance chair assists you to sit in an upright position when relaxing or working. It has a lightweight and compact design which makes it portable. It is available in three colors to choose from. The base of this disc is stable and non-slip; so it will not easily slide when using on it.

Key Features
  • Material: Anti-Burst material
  • Size: 16-inch diameter
  • Weight: 3.05 Pounds
  • Color options: Black, grey, & wasabi
  • Anti-slip and anti-burst
  • No assembly is required
  • Lightweight and portable for outdoor use
  • It fits most normal chairs
  • Comes at an affordable price
  • Does not come with a pump-but the pump is affordable

6. Isokinetics Inc. Plastic Balance Exercise Ball Chair

Isokinetics Inc. Plastic Balance Exercise Ball Chair

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Are you looking for the best ball chair for tall people? Then, you cannot go wrong with the Isokinetics Inc. balance chair. It is 2-inches higher than other models. It is an outstanding chair that offers both health and comfort benefits. This chair has a unique design that assists you to sit straight.

The Isokinetics Inc chair has a perfect shape and size which works with most office and home desks. It also constructed from durable materials for more prolonged use. It can support weight up to 200lbs. Besides that, it has durable wheels that allow easy transportation. It is also easy to assemble and inflate the chair. A pump is included in the package.

Key Features
  • Materials: Durable rubber
  • Ball Size: 52cm
  • Weight Capacity: 200 lbs
  • Has a comfortable backrest
  • Ideal for tall people
  • Easy to inflate and clean
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Reduces stress and back pain
  • Limited weight capacity of 200lbs

5. Gaiam Kids Balance Ball Chair

Gaiam Kids Balance Ball Chair

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If you’re searching for the best balance chair for your child, then the Gaiam Kids Balance Chair is a perfect choice. This seat is designed to encourage kids to practice and learn healthy posture. It is available in two different sizes 45cm and 52 cm. The 45-cm size is recommended for kids ages 5 to 8, and 52 cm is recommended for ages 8 to12.

This balance chair can be at home, school, during movie time and while reading. You child can also use this ball chair for meditation, yoga, and exercises. Moreover, this chair is designed with 5 legs to prevent it from rolling away. Lastly, this chair does not require any assembly and comes with a quick pump.

Key Features
  • Material: Durable and soft rubber
  • Size: 45cm & 52 cm
  • Weight: 2.07 Pounds
  • Age recommendation: from 5 to 12-years
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Easy and fast to inflate
  • Durable and thick construction
  • Available in several color options
  • Not perfect for adults

4. Isokinetics Inc. Adjustable Fitness Ball Chair

Isokinetics Inc. Adjustable Fitness Ball Chair

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The Isokinetics Inc Fitness seat is one of the top-selling ball chairs on the market. This seat is constructed from heavy-duty metal and thick rubber material for long-term use. Therefore, you won’t worry about replacing or repairing the chair soon. It also has an adjustable height from 22.5 to 25.5-inches allowing it to accommodate both tall and short people.

The chair has a backrest that allows an upright and comfortable sitting position. Additionally, it features wide and big wheels that provide more maneuverability, stability, and durability. It has a weight limit of 300 lbs. This chair is a great choice for home, office or school

Key Features
  • Materials: Non-latex rubber and Metal Frame
  • Size: 55cm
  • Weight limit: 300 lbs
  • Weight: 3 Pounds
  • Adjustable height: From 22.5 to 25.5-inches
  • Ideal for tall and short people
  • Easy to install and inflate
  • Comes with a free pump
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Pricey compared to others

3. Gaiam Classic Backless Balance Chair

Gaiam Classic Backless Balance Chair

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Relieve joint, muscle, and spine pain that come from sitting for long hours by using this backless balance chair from Gaiam Classic. This backless chair helps to improve blood circulation and encourage correct posture. It is made by leading fitness and health experts, meaning that it is an excellent chair to get.

The ball chair has a strong stand to ensure maximum stability when sitting on it. The rubber ball is removable from the stand and can be used as an exercise ball at home, office or gym. The ball is made from a durable rubber material that will not puncture or burst easily and has a weight capacity of 300-lbs. It is designed for people between 5 to 11-inches in height.

Key Features
  • Material: Durable rubber and Plastic
  • Size: 52-cm
  • Weight limit: 300-lbs
  • Color options: Six
  • It has a sturdy construction
  • Easy and quick to inflate
  • Works with standard size desks
  • Comes with a free pump
  • Enhance correct posture
  • Not ideal for small kids

2. Scale It Up Exercise Ball Chair

Scale It Up Exercise Ball Chair

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Scale It Up is one of the top-selling and top-rated exercise ball chairs on the market. This chair is built from tear-resistant rubber material with a good weight capacity of up 600lbs. It is a multi-purpose ball chair that you can use for exercises, yoga, and other works. On top of that, you can use it at your office or home to improve your sitting posture.

This ball chair comes with a stable stand to protect you from slide off while exercising or sitting. Another great thing about this ball chair is that it is easy to inflate and comes with a free pump. It is also easy to use and clean too.

Key Features
  • Materials: Heavy-duty rubber
  • Weight capacity: 600lbs
  • Size: 65cm
  • Weight: 4.50 Pounds
  • Improves sitting posture
  • Ideal for different workouts
  • Made of anti-slip and comfortable materials
  • It cannot burst or puncture easily
  • Non-slip base for added stability
  • Has a backless design

1. Gaiam Classic Ball Chair with Back Rest

Gaiam Classic Ball Chair with Back Rest

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On top of our list is the Gaiam Classic Ball Chair with backrest. This seat is designed for those people who sit for long hours. It provides the support and comfort that is need while sitting for long periods of time. This ball chair allows users to improve a lot of different like proper posture, balance, core strength, and much more.

The ball is made from a thick rubber material that is very safe and comfortable to use. Its stand is constructed from durable plastic and can support up to 300lbs. The ball is removable for yoga, exercise and meditation. Lastly, it easy to assemble and comes with a pump.

Key Features
  • Material: Durable rubber & plastic
  • Weight Limit: 300lbs
  • Size: 52 cm
  • Users recommended height: 5 to 11- feet
  • Improves sitting posture
  • Feature four rolling wheels
  • Easy and quick to inflate
  • Perfect for home or office use
  • BPA and latex-free
  • Pricey compared to others

How to Choose the Best Ball Chairs | Buyer’s Guide

With so many ball chairs on the market, it can be difficult for you to choose the best once. For you to select the best exercise chair, below we have listed the factors that you should when before buying.

  • Material: The material of the chair is the first thing that you should consider. The material should be durable and safe to use. Most of the ball chairs are made from rubber. You should make sure that the type of rubber material used is also latex-free, non-toxic, and anti-burst.
  • Size: Ball chairs are available in different size of options. You should choose a size that matches your height. If you are tall – you should go for a chair with a big size, but if you are short – you should select a small size ball.
  • Weight Capacity: These chairs have different weight capacities. You should check the weight capacity of the chair if it can support your weight. Most of these chairs have a weight limit of 300 to 2000 lbs to accommodate everyone.


We hope with our guides and reviews; you can now easily choose the best chair ball for your needs. All the seats that we have listed above are top-selling and top-rated exercise chairs on the market. They are also durable, effective, safe and affordable.

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