Top 10 Best Basketball Sets for Kids in 2023

Basketball Sets for Kids

Basketball is one of the most loved fun activity and sports across the world. Just like most adults, kids also love to take part in the thrill that comes with this game. Some mainly play this game for fun and recreation purposes while others have dreams of becoming successful basketball players. So, whether you want to keep your child entertained or you think you have the next Lebron James in the making, purchasing the best basketball set for kids is a great move.

Basketball sets come in either a free-standing design while others come with only the hoop, backboard, and net design which are meant to be fitted to an interior wall or back of the door. The best choice here will depend on the available space and where the kids love to play the game.

Besides bringing endless fun for your kids, the best basketball sets assist toddlers in improving hand-eye coordination, dexterity, and balance. Additionally, playing basketball also helps the kids to learn social skills and exercise. Below we have reviewed the top selling kids basketball sets available on the market. Go through the list below and pick the model that gives your kids the best start.

Top 10 Best Basketball Sets for Kids in 2023 Reviews

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10. Lifetime Youth Basketball Hoop

10. Lifetime Youth Basketball Hoop

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If your Kid has taken a serious interest in basketball, the Lifetime youth basketball hoop will assist him in honing his skills from a tender age. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, this hoop provides your child with limitless practice at your backyard, indoors, the park; pretty much everywhere. Unlike other cheaply constructed models, this unit comes with a sturdy steel rim and weather resistant basketball net.

More importantly, this basketball hoop comes with a telescoping height that you can adjust from 5.5 feet to 7.5 inches in six increments. This feature makes it ideal for a growing child, so you don’t have to buy a new model now and then. Another reason why this model stands out is that it comes with an all-weather resistant coating. This boosts its durability, especially when used in the outdoors.

  • All weather resistant construction
  • Comes with a Telescoping height adjustment mechanism
  • Has a 10-Gallon base provides stability and portability
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use
  • Takes time to assemble

9. Liberty Imports Magic Shot Mini Basketball Hoop Set

Liberty Imports Magic Shot Mini Basketball Hoop Set

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For the young budding basketballer, you don’t need to install a towering professional setup. Rather, you need to get a basic set that assists your young superstar to train indoors. The Liberty imports hoop set is cleverly designed to fit your kid’s bedroom as well as other indoor spaces. For enhanced convenience, this hoop is secured with a breakaway rim to prevent accidents. Another main selling point is that it can also be installed in the outdoor. Having been crafted from the study, weather-resistant materials, you can also secure it at the driveway if your kid loves practicing in the outdoors.

Additionally, the compact design also allows you to fit it to the back of your child’s bedroom door. This allows them to practice all they want even in cold weather. Better yet, the set comes with a 5-inch rubber basketball and sets up in less than five minutes. Overall, this basketball hoop provides your kids with hours of fun with their friends at the same time helping them sharpen their skills.

  • Complete set including backboard, rim, net, and mounting clamp
  • Features a breakaway rim system
  • Easy installation
  • Stylish design matches with your kid’s bedroom décor
  • Door opening may be restricted

8. Jerryvon Basketball Hoop over the Door

Jerryvon Basketball Hoop over the Door

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When the outdoor weather becomes unbearable, whether in the winter when it is too cold, summer when it is too hot or even during a rainy day, playing in the outdoors becomes impossible. However, with the JerryVon basketball hoop, the bad weather doesn’t need to limit what your kid loves best; play. This indoor basketball attaches easily at the back of your kid’s bedroom door so that they can keep playing whenever they feel like it. Besides allowing them to hone their skills, it is also good for their health since they get plenty of exercises.

Unlike the cheaply made basketball hoops, this set is professionally designed to withstand repeated use at the same time, ensuring best in class safety for your kid. The backboard is made of durable plastic while the rim is crafted from strong iron to prevent it from breaking. Additionally, this toy is made of ABS materials that are toxins free to enhance your kid’s safety. What’s more, this unit is also suitable for adults. Installing it in your home or office may help you relax when you feel tired at work or enjoy the game together with your kids at home.

  • Perfect for playing indoor
  • Easy Installation
  • Sturdy construction to ensure durability
  • Made from nontoxic materials
  • Ideal for indoor play only

7. SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop with Ball

SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop with Ball

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Keep playing even when the lights go out with the SKLZ pro mini basketball hoop. Besides coming with functionality and looks of professionally designed models, this hoop has the added fun of a glow in the dark ball and net. Coming with a court like design, this model is intended for kids who already understand basketball and are looking to hone their skills. Having been made from high-end materials, you can use it indoors or fit at your backyard or driveway as it is weather resistant.

Obviously, you don’t want to purchase a basketball hoop that is hard for the assembly since kids lose interest when they find that it is hard to assemble. However, with this model, you will have all the tools and features as well as a systematic guide that allows for easy assembly. Above all, the professional design paired with the right ball size also lets your kid learn new tricks with ease. This makes it a great choice for having not only fun but also kids who may want to consider playing basketball as a career.

  • Easy set up for mobile play
  • Shatter-resistant backboard
  • Breakaway Rim
  • Designed with the ultimate durability
  • Occupies a bit larger area especially in the indoors

6. IJUSTBY Bath Toy Basketball Hoop & Balls Set

IJUSTBY Bath Toy Basketball Hoop & Balls Set

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Kids are mischievous, while some may love taking a bath; some loathe the sight of the bathroom. The IJUSTBY Bath Toy is a great toy for kids who don’t want to take a bath. This toy adds fun to bath times at the same time, enhancing their athletic precision as well as sharpening their motor skills. For enhanced safety, each piece in this set is made from natural materials that are free of lead, phthalate, BPA, and other toxins.

Another interesting feature with this set is that it is super easy to set up. It comes equipped with a suction cup that tightly adsorbs on smooth walls to ensure a secure fit. Additionally, the set comes with three balls. This means that even if the kid throws one ball out of the bathtub, they will still have two other balls. So instead of wasting time when picking up the ball, you can have more time to play with your kid.

  • Three balls included
  • Perfect gift for your kids
  • Made of durable and food-grade materials
  • Promotes preschool skills and happy bath time
  • Ideal for kids aged three years and below only

5. Step2 Shootin’ Hoops Basketball Set

Step2 Shootin' Hoops Basketball Set

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If you are looking for a great complement to your yard, kid’s playroom, or driveway, the Step2 Shootin’ Hoops might be your best bet. Bringing you with all the features that your kids require, this set allows your kids to enjoy a quality time when playing their favorite sport. This hoop comes with a sturdy central pole that has an adjustable height from 30 to 48 inches. It comes with four height adjustment  levels , allowing you to customize it, as your kid grows taller.

Even better, this unit also has a  large backboard, a woven net, sturdy rim, and integrated  drink holders at the base. We also love the sturdy base that ensures stability regardless of whether you are using it indoors or outdoors. Talking of outdoor, this unit is made of durable and weather resistant materials so that your kid can get lots of fun and exercise when playing in the outdoor.

  • Large stable base
  • Includes a six-inch basketball
  • Adjustable height making it ideal for growing kids
  • Have two built-in drink holders
  • Takes a bit longer to assemble when new

4. Beebeerun Basketball Hoop Set

Beebeerun Basketball Hoop Set

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Featuring an innovative design, the BeeBeerun basketball hoop will encourage toddlers and preschoolers to learn how to play independently. This set will not only help your kid work on balance but also develop hand-eye coordination. Coming in three in one design, this unit includes a basketball hoop, ring toss game as well as football shoot. This helps prevent the monotony of playing one game since the kids can play these games all in turn or separately.

This activity hoop set makes an ideal choice for kids aged between one and ten years old. It is incredibly easy to assemble, and it is perfect for both outdoors and indoors. For enhanced stability, the base can be weighted with either water or sand. Besides, thanks to the adjustable height, this hoop grows with your child as they grow taller.

  • Water or sand weighted base
  • Encourages motor, eye coordination, and social skills
  • Height Adjustable Basketball Hoop
  • Helps your kid practice football also
  • Limited height adjustment

3. Bees & Me Bath Toy Basketball Hoop

Bees & Me Bath Toy Basketball Hoop

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Are you looking for a great birthday present for your kid? Well, the 3 Bees & me basketball is an ideal fun indoor toy that keeps them entertained all day long. This hoop is also helpful for kids who don’t like bathing. Simply attach it to your bathtub faucet, fill it with water, and make bath time fun. Designed for 2 -5 years old kids, this set keeps your child busy and happy, giving you the freedom you need to attend to other duties at hand.

The set includes a soft rim, basketball net, attaching straps, and three balls. It is also well made for enhanced durability, and the balls come in the right sizes to encourage your young superstar to sharpen his skills. Besides, this set is made of toxins free materials making it safe for young kids. Different from other basketball toys, this set comes ready for playing. Simply use the Velcro straps to secure it on your bathtub faucet, and your kids can start shooting and scoring goals.

  • Exclusive patent-pending Secure Stay design
  • Environment-friendly and hygienic
  • Simple assembly
  • Comes with three balls
  • No base, it needs to be attached on the doorframe or elsewhere

2. VTech Smart Shots Sports Center

VTech Smart Shots Sports Center

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With Smart Shots Sports Center, Everyone’s a winner. Let the games begin with a durable, practical, and multipurpose unit. It combines several features to assist your kid to play various sports on one compact unit. Let your kid practice football by kicking the soccer ball into the net, toss the basketball into the hoop to score points or press the integrated buttons to hear fun sounds. The scoreboard counts the baskets and displays the points. Besides stimulating an interactive play, this feature also introduces numbers to your young one.

Better yet, the sports center also introduces motor skills and hand coordination by turning gears. The kid can also flip pages and learn about numbers, shapes, and more. Plus, it has more than 50 songs, sound, melodies, and phrases. The sound effects and animations attract your kid’s attention and keep him/her busy when you attend to other house chores.

  • Good build quality
  • Comes with a basketball and soccer ball
  • Improves your kid’s balance and coordination
  • Sturdy base
  • Batteries not included

1. Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set

Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set

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Even the great Michael Jordan had to start somewhere, and if your kid has basketball dreams, then this kid’s basketball set is an ideal pick for your little superstar to get their big start. Combining accessible height and bright colors, this set appeals to young kids instantly. Plus it comes with an oversized rim and a kid-sized basketball that allow for easy scoring at the same time assisting the kids in developing hand-eye coordination.

Additionally, the set comes with three balls so that your kid doesn’t need to keep running the room to collect rebounds for his next shots. With these balls, your kid can now shoot, pick the next ball, and shoot again. Even better, the unit is incredibly easy to set up. To do so, simply fill the plastic base with sand so that it doesn’t tip. Besides, since the ring is made of soft plastic, it doesn’t damage your floor in case it does tip.

  • Multipurpose design for use indoors and outdoors
  • Adjustable height from 2 feet to 4 feet tall
  • Includes an oversized rim and three junior size basketballs
  • Easy to assemble and adjust
  • None that we could find

Factors to Consider When Selecting the Best Basket Set for Kids

We love our kids to the moon and back, so we always strive to offer them the best products. However, not all manufacturers are keen on ensuring the best performance. To help you choose the best basketball sets for kids, keep the following factors in mind.

  • Usability: Remember, you are choosing a basketball hoop for your kid. Therefore, you should ensure that it is simple and easy to use. Unfortunately, when you choose a model that is difficult for your kids to score, they will soon lose interest in the game. For this reason, ensure that you pick a model that provides an enjoyable experience for your kids. Additionally, always go for a hoop that is easy to assemble and disassemble in case you want to move it from one place to the other.
  • Durability: You also need to ensure that you pick a model that lasts for long. While most of these hoops are made of plastics, ensure that they can handle repeated use. They should also remain sturdy to prevent accidents. Moreover, picking a model with adjustable height also means that it grows with your kid.
  • Safety: When playing basketball, the player can be injured regardless of how many gears used or caution is practiced when playing the game. The chances nearly double when it comes to kids since most of them are often concerned about the gameplay and less on the potential threats. For this reason, ensure that you pick a model that prioritizes on your kid’s safety. First, ensure that the set is made from toxins free materials. Next, pick a model with a soft rim and a sturdy base. Additionally, selecting a model with a breakaway ring also enhances your kid’s safety.


Depending on the age of your kids, you should choose between a simple basketball hoop and freestanding models. It is also crucial to consider whether you want a hoop to play indoors or outdoors. Luckily, for you, we have included various models in our guide to help you make an informed decision on what you really need for your kid. All the best!

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