How to Get The Best Corner Fireplace TV Stands in 2022

People are way too much involved in decorating all the rooms of the house, so much so that they ignore the corners of rooms. In such a situation, the corner fireplace comes in handy. Installing a corner fireplace TV stand in those vacant areas is surely a good idea to opt for. By having it installed at a corner in your room, you can surely watch TV from any place you have placed your sofa on. You cannot only view the Television from that place but can also feel the warmth of the fire during winter seasons.

The right product doesn’t only look sophisticated but also comes with a reasonable level of productivity. We have reviewed 6 best corner fireplace TV stands for you.

The Top Best Corner Fireplace TV Stands in 2022

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Let’s find out what these products have to offer.

7. Southern Enterprises Rollins Convertible Corner Electric Media Fireplace

Southern Enterprises Rollins Convertible Corner Electric Media Fireplace

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This efficient Flat TV console will bring both entertainment and warming to the corner of your living room. Painted in a crisp white Faux stone finish, this fixture so much simulates a curio brick styled interior. While the ergonomic cabinets draw their inspirations from the transitional trend, the impressive convertible LED firebox simulates a burning tableau oh-so-realistic.

Also, the remote control will allow you to fine-tune the room warmth at the tap-of-the-button and the open and closed shelves will keep you organized with all your media needs. The best thing is you can plug in the fireplace into any standard electric outlet.

Key Features
  • Fits Televisions up to 50 inches
  • Convertible firebox
  • Rustic style
  • LED flames
  • Remote heating warms up to 400 Sq Ft
  • One open media cabinet
  • Four tapered shelves
  • Brick styled interior
  • Multiple-storage
  • Lifelike burning effects
  • No installation required
  • It might look smaller than displayed on the site
  • The flame might be a little low

6. Pemberly Row Corner LED Fireplace TV Stand in Espresso

Pemberly Row Corner LED Fireplace TV Stand in Espresso

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If you are looking forward to having a TV stand that looks great in appearance, the Pemberly Row Corner TV stand is what you should opt for. As it has a rich espresso finish, it is a sight for the sire eyes. The corner fireplace TV stand has the capacity of having a heat of four hundred square feet in supplement, which makes it possible for the user to keep the flame burning for many hours.

The LED bulbs connected to the TV stand are efficient in energy. One can use them for a long period of time, without fearing them going off anytime soon.

Key Features

The TV stand comes with cabinet shelves, which are adjustable. One of these media shelves can be opened whenever needed. Along with this, the feature of a cord control that can be opened also makes it an easy product to utilize for all the members of the family. With the 115 lbs. weight of the cabinet, the shelf makes it easier for the user to change the location of this stand.

  • Adds to the ambiance of the room
  • A long-lasting product that is extremely durable
  • Tough lamination
  • Strong finishing
  • A bit smaller for huge televisions

5. Electric Fireplace Heater Corner TV Stand

Electric Fireplace Heater Corner TV Stand

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Coming with a very nominal price tag, the product doesn’t only cut the cost for the purchaser but also saves a lot of energy. The Electric Fireplace TV stand makes sure to heat up only those places that are needed to be kept warm. Along with this, as it is possible to let the flames operate individually, one can easily use these flames as separate showpieces in the summer season, when the heating system is no longer required.

As it is possible to place this stand in one corner of the room, it is possible to save a lot of space. Being multipurpose, the small rooms use them in a very limited space, simply by making this product perform dual functions.

Key Features

This corner fireplace TV stand is manufactured by a reliable company and the users can buy it with full confidence. A set of triangular media cabinets comes with this fireplace, which makes it possible for the user to add things to it. Extra storage is provided to the user in this manner.

  • Easy to install
  • Works well for small rooms
  • Adds to the charm of a room’s interior
  • Dual nature in working
  • Comes with sufficient storage
  • Cost-effective option
  • Collapsible panels are not available

4. Real Flame Churchill 3750E-O Electric Fireplace

Real Flame Churchill 3750E-O Electric Fireplace

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Another suitable option available to the people looking forward to decorating the corners of their rooms using the corner fireplace TV stand is the Red Flame 3750E-O fireplace. Though the product is foreign manufactured, it can be imported easily, without any kind of hassle. Quick shipping makes it possible for the user to install it in his house soonest possible.

Contrary to the other available options, this particular TV stand doesn’t require any kind of venting and is extremely easy to install. Even for the families that have small kids roaming around the house all day long, having the fireplace installed is quite harmless. To enhance the workability of this product, it comes with display time of nine hours, after which it shuts its flames automatically, without the user having to perform any function.

Key Features

The heater installed in this TV stand comes with a dynamic ember effect. This means that the voltage it requires to work efficiently is a mere 1400 watt. Thus, it is safe to say that it doesn’t become a reason behind a surge in electricity bills. Remote control comes with the package that makes the usage of this product extremely easy. 33 inches height works well for even a room that is quite small in its size.

  • Easy to install
  • Can be installed in a regular electric outlet
  • Ample storage space is available
  • Digital readout display system
  • The electric firebox is a part of the package
  • The color is a few shades lighter than expected
  • Constant cleaning can fade the shade away

3. Walker Edison Jackson Collection Wood Corner Media TV Stand

Walker Edison Jackson Collection Wood Corner Media TV Stand

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People who do not trust online delivery services to get heavy furniture items would love to have the Walker Edison Jackson corner fireplace TV stand shipped to them. The company ensures to pack the item really well and does the shipping in the most careful manner ever. Thus, when the item reaches its owner, it is in perfect condition.

Having a dark corner fireplace surely adds to the beauty of the room. During the winter season when a person is already looking for some coziness, this item serves with the right amount of warmth.

Key Features

One of the major reasons why people opt for this product is its dimensions of 32″H x 48″W x 20″D. as this item doesn’t take a lot of space, people can easily adjust it in the required corner, without leaving less space to move around. Apart from this, its ability to carry even television that is up to 50’’ inches surely adds to its usability for people.

  • Well packaged shipping
  • Separate on and off switches for heater and fireplace
  • A long-lasting option to opt for
  • Well-engineered item
  • Needs some level of assembling
  • Needs a thermostat for optimal performance

2. Real Flame Lynette Electric Fireplace

Real Flame Lynette Electric Fireplace

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The red flame Lynette corner fireplace TV stand comes with all the required items including the firebox as well as the screen and wooden mantel. This adds to the usability of this product, and the additional remote control further makes its operation easier. Along with this, every hour, it has a 4700 BTU, which further makes its product even more efficient.

Key Features

You won’t waste electricity while using this product as it requires only 1400 watts of energy to work optimally. Nonetheless, the thermostat makes this product work better and for a long period of time. This thermostat can have a display of both degrees, Celsius as well as Fahrenheit. The product can work for around nine hours before it shuts down automatically.

  • A durable option to opt for
  • Enough cabinets for storage
  • A highly stable product
  • Not enough shades are available

1. Real Flame Lynette Electric Fireplace in Gray Finish

Real Flame Lynette Electric Fireplace in Gray Finish

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The Real Flame Lynette corner fireplace TV stand is not only good in its looks but is extremely easy to use at the same time. As it comes with a thermostat, the programming of the product gets proficient. Even a person who is not well-read can easily understand its working as it displays the temperature in both versions, Celsius as well as Fahrenheit.

Adding to the beauty that it exudes, the brightness settings of the LED come in five different versions. Thus, you can alter the brightness of the LED according to the requirements.

Key Features

The readout display of this corner fireplace TV stand makes things easier. However, if this still doesn’t suffice, the feature of an automatic shut off system can also aid the user. The fireplace has a working time for nine hours, and can automatically shut off. The user doesn’t have to shut the flames himself, rather it is done spontaneously.

  • A good looking item to opt for
  • Extremely reliable and long-lasting option
  • Easy to put together
  • Can hold up to 60 inches television
  • Some level of assembling is required.


Placing a corner fireplace TV stand in a small room would surely be a good idea to opt for. If you are looking forward to having one, make sure to have the one that comes with enough storage spaces and a beautiful finish. Along with this, an additional thermostat would further add to its usability.

Let’s hear your side of the story, which one has worked best for you?

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