Top 10 Best Counter Depth Refrigerators in 2023 – Complete Reviews

Counter Depth Refrigerators

If you are looking to replace your old refrigerator with something versatile and functional, a counter depth refrigerator might be your best bet. Different from other models, a counter depth refrigerator offers you plenty of storage space. Better yet, these refrigerators come in a stylish, modern design that upgrades the look of your kitchen. Investing in one of these models will give your kitchen an instant uplift without having to remodel it.

Owing to its numerous advantages, these refrigerators have become the most sought after devices in the last few couples of years. They have preferred over traditional models thanks to their space-saving design. Coming in ingenious design, these models fit perfectly inside a kitchen cabinet. This gives your kitchen a neat and linear look. More importantly, Counter depth kitchen refrigerators feature a stylish stainless finish. This doesn’t not only offer an attractive look but also enhance their durability.

Regardless of what you want in terms of finish, size, and functionality, it is easy to find a solution that meets your needs. In the following buying guide, we have reviewed the top selling units that are designed to follow the contours of your kitchen cabinets, bringing a modern touch of class. Moreover, these models are budget friendly.

These Are The Top 10 Best Counter Depth Refrigerators in 2023

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10. Whirlpool WRS571CIHW Depth Refrigerator

 Whirlpool WRS571CIHW Depth Refrigerator

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Striking the right balance between innovative technology and capacity, the Whirlpool WRS571CIHW refrigerator offers you with practicality that you need in your kitchen. It comes with a 20.6 Cu. Ft. capacity which is plenty of storage even for large families. Coming with an ingenious pantry inspired layout, this model will allow you to store up to thirty percent of more products than other models. You will also appreciate the door within door design that enables for easy access devoid of opening the entire unit.

Interestingly, this unit also comes with infinity slide shelves that accommodate the smaller items on the side while accommodating the larger items at the center. Moreover, the refrigerator comes with a platter pocket. This helps you save space when storing wide flat stuffs such as brownie pans or pizza boxes. Better yet, it comes with indoor ice storage, which will further help in saving space. This design allows you to position the ice bin close to the door, offering you a full shelf. Notably, WRS571CIHW also comes with brilliant panoramic LED lights that illuminate each corner for effortless organization and access.

  • Stylish design with a modern finish
  • Decent capacity
  • Has a Beautiful panoramic LED lighting
  • Frameless Glass Shelves
  • The motor is slightly noisy

9. Frigidaire FG4H2272UF Counter-Depth Refrigerator

Frigidaire FG4H2272UF Counter-Depth Refrigerator

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With a decent 21.8 Cu. Ft. capacity and twin tech cooling system, the Frigidaire FG4H2272UF Refrigerator ensures that your food remains fresh for a prolonged duration. It features a custom flex temp drawer that maintains consistent humidity and temperature, allowing you to freeze or refrigerate your favorite foods and drinks. The best thing about this unit is that both the refrigerator and freezer operate independently. With that being said, the middle drawer is customizable to a temperature between -6 to 45 °F. This allows you to store a wide variety of foodstuff.

Besides, thanks to space wise organization system, it will be easier to access and organize your items. This system allows you to pack your most used items close to the door while the flip-up shelf enables it to accommodate taller items. Plus, the classic design will not only improve the look of your kitchen but also its functionality. Replacing your old model with this unit gives your kitchen a makeover without having to do any remodeling.

  • Energy star certified
  • Ample storage space
  • Auto-Humidity Control drawers
  • Aesthetically appealing stainless steel finish
  • Slightly noisy

8. Liebherr CS2060 Freezer

Liebherr CS2060 Freezer

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Versatile, spacious, and stylish, the Liebherr CS2060 Freezer is a real stunner. Dissimilar from other models, this unit comes with bright, beautiful LED lights that will not only provide enough illumination but also make it look like a jewelry box. In terms of performance, this model is loaded with handy features. First, this unit comes with an exclusive cooling system that ensures that your food stays fresher for longer. It also comes with large icemaker that enables you to make enough ice for the whole family. Plus, it also features an Open handle on the freezer segment that ensures that you don’t tug hard when getting it open.

Another notable feature included in this model is the humidity-controlled crispers that are placed on both sides. The removable shelves are made of tempered glass, allowing for quick cleanups. Similar to other high-end models, this unit also comes with a bright and attractive LED light that ensures a beautiful illumination at the same time ensuring that you see all your stored items.

  • Better access convenience to contents
  • Comes in a streamlined look
  • Unique storage possibilities
  • Energy efficient
  • Shorter warranty

7. Thor Kitchen Automatic Icemaker

Thor Kitchen Automatic Icemaker

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Coming in a spacious, and functional design Thor Kitchen freezer checks all the relevant boxes when it comes to getting a reliable refrigerator for your home. Taking pride in its classic design and beautiful finish, this unit blends well with your counters. Plus, it comes with a spacious interior that is large enough to accommodate the needs of a large family. Different from other models, it also comes with a fingerprint-resistant finish, making it incredibly easy to clean.

Another main selling point of this unit is that it comes with customizable storage. The shelves are adjustable so that they can accommodate taller items. Besides, it also comes with crispers that can be either stacked or set side by side. Moreover, users will appreciate the full-width drawer and adjustable divider in the freezer, which facilitates better organization.

  • High-Efficiency LED
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Humidity control drawer
  • Automatic defrost function
  • Some feel that space is not enough

6. Hodiso Thor Kitchen Stainless Steel Refrigerator

Hodiso Thor Kitchen Stainless Steel Refrigerator

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Featuring intuitive features and modern design, you can be sure that this unit will perform exceptionally well when ensuring that your foodstuff remains fresh. Thanks to the customizable settings, this refrigerator maintains both humidity and temperature precisely to meet the different storage requirements to suit various foods in storage. Pairing 15.16 cubic feet refrigerator space and 5.69 cubic feet freezer capacity, you get a decent 20.85 cubic feet total storage. For added convenience, this unit has a faster freezing ability, which helps to keep the temperature uniform at the same time-saving energy.

Moreover, this freezer features an easy slide out drawers that are larger than those in the contemporary freezers. It also includes a divider in the main compartment that allows you to separate the food. More to this, the outer part of the freezer is crafted from fingerprint resistant stainless steel. This makes it unbelievably easy to clean. To wipe any mess or smears, you simply need to use a damp microfiber cloth. What’s more, since the freezer and refrigerator compartments are different, it is easy to keep different types of foods at the right temperatures.

  • Finger resistant finish
  • Provides you with ample storage
  • Operates in a very low noise level
  • Frost-free performance
  • Available in only one finish

5. LG LSXC22486D Refrigerator

LG LSXC22486D Refrigerator

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LG has been a prominent brand in the manufacture of various cutting edge appliances with the refrigerators being on the front line. Boasting of timeless, pro-style design, the LG LSXC22486D Refrigerator will add a touch of class in your home. It comes in a stainless and black stainless steel finish and large capacity, making it a decent choice for large families. Having been fitted with the patented smart cooling feature, this unit is bound to ensure the precise amount of temperature and humidity. This ensures that all your foodstuff remain fresh for longer.

Similarly, this unit also comes with convenient inbuilt water and ice dispenser. This allows you to refill your thermos and pitchers easily when heading out in the sun. To ensure durability and optimal performance, this unit also includes a water and ice filter that offers solid protection for up to six months.

  • Energy Star certified
  • Ingenious SpacePlus Ice System
  • Spacious freezer
  • Modern, stylish design
  • Pricey

4. Samsung RF22N9781SG French door Refrigerator

Samsung RF22N9781SG French door Refrigerator

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Over many years, Samsung has been at the forefront of developing intuitive household appliance. Living to uphold its legacy, the Samsung RF22N9781SG refrigerator brings you smart features that you will not find on other models. The most notable feature is the Wifi connectivity that lets you not only manage your groceries but also connect with family. Coming with the FlexZone technology and touchscreen controls, customizing the temperature, and other settings have never been easy. Additionally, this refrigerator boasts of a triple cooling system that ensures precise humidity and temperature controls, delivering ultimate freshness.

Better yet, this model also comes with a decent sized master icemaker that ensures a consistent supply of ice. In terms of aesthetics, we love the stylish and attractive outlook. It is also equipped with beautiful LED lighting that not only allows you to access everything with ease but also adds to its aesthetics. Moreover, it includes a wine rack as a bonus to help you keep your wine at optimal temperatures.

  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • High Efficiency LED Lighting
  • Energy star certified
  • Attractive Black Stainless Steel Finish
  • Higher price tag

3. Kitchen Aid KRFC704FPS French Door Refrigerator

Kitchen Aid KRFC704FPS French Door Refrigerator

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If you are keener on getting more functionality without compromising the look of your kitchen, the Kitchen Aid KRFC704FPS might be the best model you will ever own. Boasting of an attractive design that blends well with your kitchen cabinet, this unit makes a perfect choice for modern and renovated kitchens. Coming in different finishes, it will be easier for you to pick a model that matches your interior décor.

Luckily, despite the advanced features, this unit still maintains an affordable price tag. Users appreciate the panel ready design, which integrates a water dispenser that offers you with a continuous flow of fresh water and ice. Besides, this unit also comes with smart interior controls that let you customize a max cool option, holiday mode, as well as access to an alarm door. What’s more, it comes with adjustable and leak resistant shelves for added convenience.

  • Large capacity
  • Fingerprint-resistant finish
  • Beautiful Wood Accents
  • Quiet and efficient operation
  • High price tag

2. Bosch B21CT80SNS 800 Series Refrigerator

Bosch B21CT80SNS 800 Series Refrigerator

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While Bosch is popular in power tool niche, it has done really well in this new venture. The Bosch B21CT80SNS brings you the best features that most home users will appreciate. To start, this unit comes with a large storage space for families who love cooking meals at home. It has plenty of space in both the freezer and refrigerator, allowing you to store different types of foods. Secondly, this model also comes with a full-width pantry drawer as well as two crisper drawers that help in the organization.

Additionally, the shelves come in an adjustable design that allows you to place different sized items with ice. The door also offers plenty of storage where you can store your milk, juice, wine and other household staples. Moreover, this unit comes with a powerful Dual air cool system that offers even temperatures as well as minimal odor transfers. Last but not least, you will love the beautiful LED indoor lighting that offers ideal visibility.

  • Stylish and aesthetically pleasing design
  • Easy to access shelves
  • Customizable rack space
  • Energy efficient
  • Although rarely the freezer door tends to stick

1. Samsung Black Stainless Steel Counter-Depth 4-Door Refrigerator

Samsung Black Stainless Steel Counter-Depth 4-Door Refrigerator

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Smart televisions, Smartphones, Smart refrigerators, name it all; Samsung brand will never disappoint you. As you would expect, this refrigerator comes in a sleek, adorable design that revamps the look of your kitchen. It also equipped with top-notch features designed to offer you with above average performance. Coupling both power cool and power freeze option, this unit keeps constant temperatures that ensure that all your food remains cool. Besides, it comes with an exclusive twin cooling system that offers optimal performance when ensuring that your food remains fresh for a long duration.

Another notable feature that comes with this unit is the automatically filtered icemaker conveniently placed on its French door. Next, this unit also comes with an EZ open handle that allows for easy opening and closing of the freezer. What’s more, this unit also comes with two humidity-controlled crispers on either side as well as tempered glass shelves that allow you to clean any messes easily. To save energy, this refrigerator also comes with a door alarm that reminds you to close the door if you leave it open accidentally.

  • Beautiful LED lighting
  • Decent sized icemaker
  • Twin cooling system
  • Touchscreen controls
  • None that we could find

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Counter Depth Refrigerators

The counter depth refrigerators come with various features that differ from one brand to another. While all these features are designed to boost your convenience, it is crucial to find the model that works best for you.

Below are some of the essential features that you should consider when making your final purchasing decision.

  • Size: The size of the refrigerator is a crucial aspect that you should consider. As their name suggests, these models are designed to fit in between the counter space. Therefore, before making your selection, you should start by measuring your front door. For enhanced convenience, the right model for you should leave enough room in the top, rear and either side. This ensures that the motor has enough space to release the heat.
  • Energy Star Rating: Currently, there has been a lot of emphases when it comes to saving energy. Similar to other power gadgets, refrigerators are awarded an energy star rating. You will find these ratings on only energy efficient models. Going for a model with an energy star rating is a great idea as they help in saving on electricity bills.
  • Capacity: When determining the capacity that you would want, you need to consider the number of people who will be using the refrigerator. Generally, a 10  Cu. Ft. Model will fit a small family while a large family requires a model with at least 20 cubic feet storage.
  • Adjustable Shelves: Additionally, it is also crucial to look at the shelves that come with the refrigerator. For the best performance, it is advisable to go for models with adjustable shelves. Besides helping you in keeping a large variety of items, these shelves are also easy to clean and maintain. Additionally, it is a wise idea to pick models with spill proof shelves. These shelves offer better performance when it comes to preventing foods from spilling and leaking to other compartments.


Counter depth refrigerators are the next big thing when it comes to revamping the look of your kitchen. They boast of large capacity storage and decent designs the blends well with your counters. If you are looking to get the best model, go through the above models and choose the models that meet your needs best. Happy buying!

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