The Best Double Layer Darkening Blackout Curtains for Bedroom in 2023

Double Layer Darkening Blackout Curtain

The double-layer darkening blackout curtains for bedrooms are quite essential, without which the room feels incomplete. They are something to provide that cozy, safe feeling within your room. Whether you are searching for window or door curtains, both in terms of perfect blackout design are an ideal option, especially when you want to avoid those prying eyes and harsh sunlight. The curtains are mainly designed to filter light and improve sleep experience by blocking them.

So, if you are one who does not want to wake up with the sun on their faces, consider buying the best double layer darkening blackout curtain for bedroom from our list of top ten. Well, we would like to share some informative buying guides after diving into the main topic. Let’s start it!

Best Double Layer Darkening Blackout Curtain For Bedroom Reviews

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Now, let’s begin with the best curtain stuff we have researched for our top ten list.

10. Poly Dance Double Layer Thermal Insulated 100% Blackout Curtains 

Poly Dance Double Layer Thermal Insulated 100% Blackout Curtains 

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Poly Dance offers us a range of sizes in double-layer blackout curtains. Being wholly made for blocking sunlight and UV rays, this pack of two pieces of the curtain is also available in three color options, namely the grey, beige, and pure white. The fabric is 100% imported polyester with black liner. This fabric is breathable, natural, and made without any chemical coating.

Along with double-layer, the material is known to be two times soundproofed. So, you are getting the dual advantage of thick material and soundproofing. Moreover, its fabric is made with innovative triple weave technology, which is efficient, thermal insulated, and privacy protected. The black liner further makes it suitable in proper blackout while not giving you any disturbance in sleeping.

Key Features
  • Set of two pieces
  • Fabric 100% polyester
  • Includes black liner
  • Three color options available
  • Different sizes available
  • Breathable
  • Double times soundproof
  • No cons

9. Tinysun Double-Layer Window Curtains 

Tinysun Double-Layer Window Curtains 

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Tinysun presents us with a single piece window shade curtain with elegant embroidery. The heavy fabric is designed with beautiful blue vine flowers. However, its fabric is a blend of Navy Linen with Santiny backing. You can choose from four different colors and three different sizes. It is made to block 95% of UV rays and sunlight. Overall, this window curtain is nicely built in terms of both qualities as well as design.

The window is a considerable part when looking to block out sunlight or noise. Such a window shade curtain may prove to be an ideal option to block a significant portion of noise and sunlight to get a comfortable sleep experience. Furthermore, its eight silver grommets are also noise proof to avoid any disturbance while sliding on the road.

Key Features
  • One-piece window shade curtain
  • Includes one matching tie back
  • Different color and size options available
  • Fabric 100% polyester blend Navy Linen with Santiny backing
  • Embroidered with Blue Vine Flowers
  • Machine washable
  • Attractive design
  • Efficient function to block light and noise
  • Expensive

8. Didihou Embroidered Blackout Double Layer Curtain 

Didihou Embroidered Blackout Double Layer Curtain 

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An impressive package by Didihou attracts us to include them in our list of best double layer darkening blackout curtains specially designed, keeping in mind the girl’s attire. It is a single panel door curtain made with 100% polyester fabric and available in two color options. The curtain is giving out a very luxury look with two layers. It includes one silky embroidered layer and another thick blackout layer.

You may consider purchasing the single door curtain as an elegant design piece as well as for efficient blackout function. However, its double layer with embroidered silk also works great when you want to allow the entrance of sunlight. As it is silky fabric, so no wrinkles at all! Anyone looking for a stylish curtain may go for this item. As per your measurements, note its grommets measurements at 1.6” inner diameter.

Key Features
  • Single-piece door curtain
  • Attached white embroidered voile
  • Fabric 100% polyester
  • Silky feel
  • Wrinkle-free
  • Luxury design
  • 30-days money-back warranty
  • Machine washable
  • Not soundproof

7. Nicetown Double-Layer Thermal Insulated Bedroom Curtain 

Nicetown Double-Layer Thermal Insulated Bedroom Curtain 

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It is a two-panel window curtain with measurements of 17inches × 40inches by Nicetown. The grommets are 1.6inches in diameter to fit most standard curtain rods. The curtains look simple yet effectively provide blackout function. The front panel of two curtains comes with a ruffled white sheer piece as a beautiful decorative element.

The pack of two curtains is available in two color options to choose from. The sheer provided in the front is also mix-matched with the color of blackout curtain designed beneath. So, there will be no more glare from prying eyes or unnecessary sunlight coming inside your room. Moreover, they are nicely designed to prevent insulation or any energy-related loss.

Key Features
  • Set of two panels window curtains
  • Includes ruffled white sheer cloth layer
  • Two-color options available
  • Four sizes available
  • Fabric polyester
  • Decorative with crushed sheer pieces
  • 24 customer support
  • Two panels
  • The sheer cloth needs due care

6. Faux Linen Blackout Curtain by Deconovo

Faux Linen Blackout Curtain by Deconovo

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Deconovo provides a black liner double-layer darkening blackout curtain for bedroom in seven color options and different sizes. The package contains a set of two panels made with 100% polyester and faux linen material. Well, the top grommets make them easy to install and fit in the rods. Its fabric is windproof, 99% UV rays and sunlight blocker, and noise reducer. So, the curtain is suitable for both winter cold as well as the summer heat.

Both these curtains are having a simple, clear design if you are looking to buy a clean-look curtain as per your décor. Furthermore, they are known to last long, with minimal maintenance required. The eight silver grommets provided on each panel are anti-rust as well as soundproof. Well, these are blackout curtains to balance against the room temperature.

Key Features
  • Fabric 100% polyester Faux Linen
  • Seven color options available
  • Sewn with thick black liner
  • Noise proof as well as windproof
  • Anti-rust grommets
  • Effective blackout material
  • Machine washable
  • Very gentle care required

5. Embroidered 2-Panel Curtains by Fancy Linen LLC INC 

Embroidered 2-Panel Curtains by Fancy Linen LLC INC 

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It is a perfect style statement by Fancy Linen LLC INC with a set of 2-panel drapes. The fabric is made up of 100% polyester with the availability of two sizes and three color options. It comes in two layers with attached sheer backing and valance. However, the attached sheer is so stylish to give an overall design statement to your door. These curtains may prove to be perfect for blackout or light reduction to get a cozy and pry-free sleep.

Your search may end here if looking for stylish curtains to further decorate your bedroom décor. Well, light beige color is standard in all three curtains. So, high contrast is designed with beautiful embroidery on sheer material. However, there are no grommets provided, but you can easily install the curtain on any standard size rod.

Key Features
  • Set of 2 panels blackout curtains
  • Attached sheer backing and valance
  • Two sizes available
  • Three color options available
  • Fabric 100% polyester
  • Machine washable
  • Stylish look with beautiful embroidery
  • Effective blackout
  • Needs gentle care

4. Blackout Curtains 2-Panel by Rose Home Fashion

Blackout Curtains 2-Panel by Rose Home Fashion

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Rose Home Fashion’s set of two panels is burlap curtains made with 100% polyester and measurement of 50×84 inches. Well, you can have four other size options for different door sizes. Want a dark décor? Choose its second chocolate color option. Both the curtains are thermal insulated and provide perfect blackout to experience better sleep without any fear and light.

They come with natural care and maintenance along with perfect blackout and noise reduction function. The burlap quality is elegant and cleanly designed. It gives a precise faux linen look with heavy-duty and thick draperies. Both these curtains come with eight silvers grommets with 1.6inches in diameter. They are made to block 100% sunlight and noise both in summers as well as cold season.

Key Features
  • 2-Panels blackout door curtains
  • Five sizes available
  • Two-color options: white and chocolate
  • 100% polyester faux linen fabric
  • Elegant look and burlap quality
  • Durable quality
  • Double-layer linen
  • Simple yet graceful
  • Machine washable
  • No cons

3. Pony Dance 2-Curtains with Double-layer light shut panels

Pony Dance 2-Curtains with Double-layer light shut panels

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Pony Dance presents this another range of double-layer darkening blackout curtains for bedroom with the availability of eight color options. Moreover, you can choose from four size options with a typical length of 52 inches. These are elegant curtains with crushed sheer voile attachment. Both these panels are provided with eight silver grommets with 1.6 inches inner diameter to fit most standard sized rods easily.

While giving the striking design statement, these are also known to provide blackout and possible noise reduction. As you experience the look of these curtains, they will offer you that romantic and dreamy look. Its fabric is triple woven to block 99% sunlight and save 25% energy costs. The attached crushed voil adds a design statement to your overall bedroom.

Key Features
  • Set of 2 panels window curtains
  • Thermal insulated
  • With crushed sheer voil
  • Four size options
  • Eight color options
  • Double layer blackout effective
  • Easy installation
  • With tie-back
  • Machine washable
  • No cons

2. 2-Pieces Home Curtains by Exclusive Home Curtains

2-Pieces Home Curtains by Exclusive Home Curtains

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These are set of two pieces sheer window curtains by Exclusive Home Curtains with grommet top and availability of nine color options. However, white sheer voile is common in all the curtains. For this item also, you have four size options and nine color options available. For ease of use, each curtain is sewn with 3” bottom hem and 4” top hem.

It is also easy to install the curtain with eight silver matte grommets provided on the top. Well, these drapers are producing the feature of both designs as well as a blackout. So, maximum sun exposure is reduced while using these curtains. Moreover, each panel comes with a tie back. In all the sizes, the length is universal at 52 inches to fit most standard size door lengths.

Key Features
  • Two panels
  • Sewn with crushed and white sheer voil
  • Nine color options available
  • Four size options available
  • Effective blackout function
  • Easy to install
  • Classy look
  • 100% polyester fabric
  • Hand washable
  • Due to the care required for sheer

1. Stars Double-layer blackout curtain by Hughapy

Stars Double-layer blackout curtain by Hughapy

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Kids would surely love these blackout curtains made with small beautiful stars. Well, the color contrast is fantastic and not very bright to irritate the eyes. These curtains are available in a set of 1 panel with five color options and four size options. Along with perfect blackout, these stars also give an incredible night illusion in your bedroom. The lovely star pattern is giving an overall excellent look to the décor.

The curtains are built with high-quality fabric and plastic grommets for simple installation. At the same time, they are decorative as well as functional to serve their purpose. They are made to filter adequate light and provide you the reliable privacy experience. The sheer voil on the front with stars further adds contrast and design to the overall bedroom décor.

Key Features
  • Single panel curtain
  • Designed with illuminated stars
  • Sewn with net sheer voil
  • Different options available
  • Adequate light filtering
  • Great options for kids bedroom
  • Wonderful look
  • High-quality polyester
  • Machine washable
  • Due maintenance required

What to Think for Before Buying the Double Layer Darkening Blackout Curtain for Bedroom?

So, you need to clear up your mind to some extent while looking at these specific factors. The following points will let you decide the best blackout curtain simply.

  • Decide Upon The Design: First of all, decide on the design factor you want to see in your blackout bedroom curtain. Well, there are not many design options available in front of you. So, the choice is a bit easier here. Most blackout curtains you will consider come in standard color while some are structured with sheer voil sewn in the first layer. Furthermore, some curtains are designed with embroidery to make them look stunning, stylish, and decorative. So, depending upon your bedroom décor, choose among them and select the one which will not look weird according to your décor.
  • Size: Size is one of the critical factors. Length and breadth measurements of each curtain are already provided in the specification. Not only that, but the size of grommets is also considered here to fit in the curtain rod you have. So, note both of them and match the requirements you have.
  • Panel Set: Some packages are made with a single panel, while some are designed with two panels. So, as per the size and your desire to buy more panels, you can choose. For instance, a package of curtains with two panels is suitable if the area is too large. In case, you are tight at budget or one panel is adjustable for your door or window, then buying the package with a single panel curtain is best to go for.
  • Blackout Function: However, we have listed all the darkening blackout curtains, but still, they may come with some differences in their functions. Be it the staff or quality; some curtains are not that efficient in providing in a proper blackout. At the same time, high-quality double-layer darkening blackout curtains for the bedroom comes up with cool features such as active blackout and proper noise reduction.
  • Material: Check out the quality of the material, as it is vital. For reference, polyester or cotton stuff is most ideal for a durable and smooth curtain life. And, blackout curtains are specially made with black inner lining. If that kind of stuff is present in your curtain, you may need not look back if you are satisfied with its other factors.

So, these are some thoughts you need to consider before buying the blackout curtains.


When selecting a decent double-layer darkening blackout curtain for bedroom, it is also vital to decide upon the color you want to get. There are different color options available to choose for your best one. For our list, we have selected the top quality curtains for renowned manufacturers in multiple sizes as well as color options. So, go dark safely!

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