Top 10 Best Excalibur Dehydrators in 2021 Reviews

Dehydrating food is not a new concept. Actually, this is one of the earliest ways to preserve food. For decades, man has been dehydrating fruits, meat, herbs, and vegetables to lengthen their shelf life. Interestingly, when compared to other forms of preserving foods, dehydration is not only safe but also a cost-effective way to preserve food for later use. Even better, now that we don’t have to rely upon the sun to dry food, you can now dehydrate your favorite meat, herbs, and vegetable within a short time using a food dehydrator machine. As any food lover may know, not all food dehydrators are equal. However, as with any other niche, there is always a market leader. And in this niche, the top of the cream brand is none other but the Excalibur.

But, why is it the best? To start, this brand has been on this market for over five decades now. These machines are also made in the USA under strict regulation to ensure an uncompromised performance. Next, the machines boast of patented Hyperwave and Parallex technologies. By utilizing these technologies, these machines not only dehydrate food faster but also retain all the nutrients, enzymes, flavor, and taste.

Moreover, for enhanced performance, these machines have removable trays, adjustable thermostat, and a timer. This lets you use them to dehydrate just any food type. Without much ado, let us look at the top-selling Excalibur food dehydrators available on the market.

Top 10 Best Excalibur Dehydrators in 2021

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10. Excalibur EPD60W EZ Dry 6-Tray Stackable Food Dehydrator

Excalibur EPD60W EZ Dry 6-Tray Stackable Food Dehydrator

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Combining exclusive dehydrating technology and superior construction, the Excalibur EPD60W food dehydrator makes a perfect choice for individuals who prefer making homemade snacks. Boasting of premium features, this dehydrator not only lets you dehydrate your favorite snacks but also meat, herbs, fruits, among others. This model comes with six trays that are lined with mesh to allow fast dehydration of foods. Plus, these strays are large enough to accommodate numerous food types. Moreover, the trays are removable for easy accessibility and cleaning.

Easy temperature control also makes the whole process even more efficient. Remember, when dehydrating temperature regulation is crucial. This deluxe dehydrator dries foods at different temperatures. The center trays have a high temperature while the bottom and upper trays have a slightly lower temperature. This allows you to dry different foods efficiently. Some of the other notable features that come with this unit include the top-down airflow that allows for even air distribution and vented clear lids.

  • Includes six removable trays
  • High-quality construction using food-grade materials
  • Has a see-through vented lid
  • The trays are dishwasher safe
  • Lacks an adjustable thermostat

9. Excalibur D900SHD 9-Tray Electric Food Dehydrator


Excalibur D900SHD 9-Tray Electric Food Dehydrator


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Over the last few years, food dehydrators popularity has increased exponentially as more people are now aware of their benefits. The Excalibur D900SHD food dehydrator brings you advanced features to let you dry different food types. With this machine, the possibilities are limitless. You can now dehydrate vegetables, fruits, meat nuts, fruit puree, or even raise bread. Similar to the latest models from this brand, the D900SHD dehydrator utilizes the patented hyperactive wave technology and Parallex drying for increased dehydration efficiency.

Different from its predecessor, the D900SHD also comes with other convenient features that make it easy to use. First off, this model comes with a 9-tray dehydrator with massive drying space. This lets you dry different types of foods in large quantity at the same time. It also comes with a flexible poly screen tray insert that ensures that the drying foods do not stick on the trays. Even better, this unit comes with an adjustable thermostat as well as a 26-hour timer.

  • Has a 26-Hour Timer
  • Automatic Shut Off feature
  • Nine Stainless Steel Trays
  • Has a Large drying space
  • While this unit is relatively expensive, it is worth the price thanks to the advanced features

8. Excalibur D900CDSHD 9 Dehydrator

Excalibur D900CDSHD 9 Dehydrator

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Bringing you advanced features and decent capacity, the Excalibur D900CDSHD is an excellent investment for people with large kitchen gardens or love hunting game meat. With large capacity trays and efficient heat distribution, this machine surely makes food dehydration effortless. Forget the obnoxious task having to slice all your food ingredients into thin slices. Coming in nine trays and superior dehydrating performance, you simply need to slice the ingredients in sizable chunks and let the machine do all the work.

Dehydrate all your food with peace of mind thanks to the 26-hour timer and automatic shut off. These features are also quite helpful as they help you dehydrate your fruits while still attending other chores. Plus, they also eliminate the fear of having to overheat your food. Notably, this machine also utilizes the patented hyperactive wave technology for even circulation of warm air. Similarly, this model comes with uses poly screen tray insets that are not only nonstick but also easy to clean.

  • Adjustable thermostat
  • The tempered glass door is removable for easy access
  • Comes with nine stainless steel trays
  • Utilizes the exclusive hyper wave technology to dry foods efficiently
  • One-color choice

7. Excalibur 3526TB Electric Food Dehydrator

Excalibur 3526TB Electric Food Dehydrator

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Of all other food perseveration methods, dehydration is the healthiest way to go. Dehydrating foods ensures that all the ingredients and flavors are intact. And it is very economical. The 3526TB is a five-tray dehydrator that offers you with decent drying space. While it is not as big as some of the other models listed here, it a solid buy for people with small gardens. This expertly made machine also features the advanced drying technology that ensures an even heat distribution for enhanced efficiency.

Sure, a nine-tray food dehydrator will offer you with plenty of drying space, but how long does it take to dehydrate the ingredients. One of the main advantages of this model is that it pairs advanced dehydration technology and even distribution of air to dry foods faster. More importantly, it includes poly screen tray inserts that prevent the food from sticking, an adjustable thermostat and a 26hr timer.

  • Includes adjustable thermostat
  • Comes with five stainless steel trays
  • Has a convenient 26-hour timer
  • Stylish design that blends well with a modern kitchen
  • Opaque door means that you need to open it to check the dehydration process

6. Excalibur 3900W 9-Tray Electric Food Dehydrator


Excalibur 3900W 9-Tray Electric Food Dehydrator

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Are you looking to preserve large volumes of food through the dehydration process? Well, this machine is up to the task. Having been equipped with nine removable trays and a 26 hours automatic shutdown timer, this dehydrator lets you dehydrate various foods in large quantities. Thanks to inbuilt timer, you can easily program the machine to prevent over-drying the food. You will also love the lightweight yet solid construction that makes it not only durable but also easy to move around.

Another useful feature that comes with this machine is the detachable door. This feature allows for easy cleaning and access to the removable trays. Along with the impressive energy efficiency, thus unit utilizes the exclusive Excalibur dehydration technology that is ideal for dehydrating all food types. What’s more, the high wattage power reduces the time taken to dehydrate the foods dramatically.

  • Large capacity includes nine drying trays
  • Robust construction that lasts for years
  • Automatic shut off and 26hrs timer
  • The removable door makes cleaning easy
  • You will need to purchase the non-stick drying sheets separately

5. Excalibur 3500B 5-Tray Dehydrator


Excalibur 3500B 5-Tray Dehydrator


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Store-bought snacks are not only high sugar but also are also full of chemical preservatives. Create healthier and delicious snacks at your home comfort with this 5-tray dehydrator. What sets this unit from the rest is the exclusive dehydrating technology. Different from ordinary dehydrators that produce constant heat that leads to case hardening, this model utilizes Hyper-wave fluctuation technology. This technology works by delivering varying temperature to ensure that the enzymes remain active. Doing so will also prevent the case hardening, which is common in other models.

Don’t mistake the compact design for weakness. This model comes with advanced features that allow for rapid and efficient drying of various foods. To start, this model comes with an adjustable thermostat that lets you dehydrate various foods, including meat for jerky. It also includes a powerful fan at the back to ensure that heat is distributed evenly over each tray. What’s more, the stylish design looks great in any kitchen

  • Dial-in Temperature Control
  • Decent drying capacity
  • Has an adjustable thermostat
  • Exclusive Hyperwave Technology
  • Opaque front door

4. Excalibur 3926TW 9-Tray Electric Food Dehydrator

Excalibur 3926TW 9-Tray Electric Food Dehydrator

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If you love going for a game hunt or have lots of surplus from your garden, then equipping your kitchen with this dehydrator is a great idea. Being one of the largest models from this brand, this dehydrator comes with nine trays that provide you with a total of 15sq feet drying space. It is also equipped with an adjustable thermostat and 26-hour timer. With these features, you will never have to worry about your food burning out or over-drying. Even better, temperature control also lets you dehydrate various foods, including fruits, meat, vegetables, herbs, nuts, and more.

With the patented Parallex airflow technology, this machine will dehydrate most food faster while retaining most of its nutrients. This ensures that your food tastes and looks great when compared to other models. Also, with this machine, you can do more than just dehydrating foods. The removable trays can also let you raise bread as well as dry flowers for art and craft.

  • Safe and Easy to Use
  • Efficient Parallex Horizontal Airflow
  • Convenient 26-hour Timer
  • Dehydrates meats, vegetables, flowers and fruits
  • Available in white color only

3. Excalibur 2400 4-Tray Electric Food Dehydrator

Excalibur 2400 4-Tray Electric Food Dehydrator

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If you are not sure dehydrating foods will fit your lifestyle, then it is a wise idea to start small. This four-tray food dehydrator is a great choice for beginners or individuals with small kitchen gardens. Despite the small size, this dehydrator has all the crucial features that come with other large models from this brand. To start with, this model comes with an adjustable thermostat that lets you dehydrate fruits, herbs, yogurt, vegetables, as well as meat.

For even drying and crispness, this machine utilizes the exclusive Hyperwave fluctuation technology and Parallex horizontal airflow. Different from other machines, this dehydration technology keeps the enzymes active at the same time, retaining the temperature hot enough for the food to dry. Moreover, with this machine, you can do more than just drying foods. It also works perfectly to dry flowers, photographs, and dough art as well as cake decoration crafts.

  • Variable Drying Temperatures
  • Hyperwave Fluctuation Technology
  • Perfect dehydrator for beginners
  • Includes adjustable thermostat
  • Slightly small capacity

2. Excalibur D900S 9-Tray Electric Food Dehydrator


Excalibur 3926TB 9 Tray Dehydrator


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Dehydrated foods are a great alternative to individuals looking to make quick and healthy treats at home. Unlike the commercially produced treats, dieter, athletes, and prickly eaters can now prepare delicious and healthy meals at their homes comfort with the D900S dehydrator. Amazingly, this unit packs a punch while retaining an affordable price. Sure, this is the cheapest 9-tray dehydrator from Excalibur that comes with all the latest features. Also, it boasts of a beautiful silver finish that complements your kitchen nicely.

Additionally, you will love the versatile rack system that provides you with plenty of space to dry your food. Even better, the racks are removable, allowing you to create more space (height) to dry large chunks or even raise bread. Another convenient feature that we love about this model is the 26-hour timer and automatic shutoff features. Moreover, this model utilizes the patented dehydration technology that lets the food dry faster at the same time, locking in the flavor and taste.

  • Features a 26-hour timer
  • Beautiful silver finish
  • Automatic shutoff feature
  • Large capacity lets you dehydrate many foods at a go
  • While the door is not see-through, it has nice handles and easy locking mechanism

1. Excalibur 3926TB 9 Tray Dehydrator

Excalibur 3926TB 9 Tray Dehydrator

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It is unfortunate; most basic food dehydrators will not only alter the food taste but also destroy most nutrients due to high heat. But, with Excalibur 3926TB dehydrator, you will absolutely love the outcome. Boasting of patented Parallex technology and even distribution of varying heat, this machine keeps the enzymes intact and prevents your food from over-drying. This means that the flavor and taste remain the same, only with a longer shelf life.

Similar to most of the other models listed here in terms of capacity; the 3926TB has nine removable trays. This gives you a decent 15Sq ft drying space, allowing you to dry large quantity of food at the same time. Plus, this unit has an adjustable thermostat that lets you preserve nutrients in herbs, keep the fruit flavor, and taste intact as well as dehydrate meat for jerky safely. What’s more, the trays do not need rotation and are removable to let you increase the height needed for other activities. With this model, you can also raise dough or dehydrate bulky foods easily.

  • The superior 7-inch fan ensures faster drying
  • Adjustable Thermostat
  • The trays do not need rotation when dehydrating food
  • Has a 26hr timer and auto-shutoff
  • Provides you with plenty of drying space
  • None that we could find

Factors to Consider When Selecting the Best Excalibur Food Dehydrators

Today, the Excalibur dehydrators are not only preferred by professional chefs but are also favorites among people who love cooking food at homes. Nevertheless, before settling on a specific model, you should consider several considerations. These include:

  • Size: One of the crucial consideration that should help you narrow down your choice is the size. Normally, these Excalibur dehydrators come with 4 to 9 trays. The number of trays you are going to need is determined by several factors. First, you need to look at the size of your family. Next, think about the amount of food that you want to dehydrate. Of course, you also need to consider the space available to store the dehydrator. When you take into account all these factors, then choosing the right size shouldn’t be a problem.
  • Control Panel and Features: An on/off switch might seem a basic feature, but it makes the difference between seamless operation and having to chuck it from the electric outlet after every use. Next, it is crucial to go with a model with a thermostat. This feature is crucial in controlling the temperature, which is useful when it comes to dehydrating various types of foods. Additionally, you should also select a model with a timer. Make no mistake; models with this feature are often expensive. However, this convenient feature lets you program the right time to dehydrate the food. This means you don’t have to keep checking the dehydration now and then.
  • Style: Just like any other kitchen appliance, you also need to pick a dehydrator that blends seamlessly with your kitchen’s décor. While these dehydrators boast of a modernized design, several features make them different from each other. First off, we have the color. Generally, these units come in white, silver, and black finish. Of course, you would want to choose the color that you prefer. Last but also important is the door style. These models come with opaque and clear doors that are removable. While some would prefer the clear doors since they allow for easy monitoring, opaque doors make the unit more appealing.


Needless to mention, the Excalibur is a market leader when it comes to the manufacture of food dehydrators. Looking at the above-reviewed models, it is clear that this brand has something for everyone. You simply need to consider your family size and preference for you to find something that works for you. All in all, we hope that our detailed guide will assist you in choosing the best model to fit your kitchen. Happy shopping!

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