Full Body Massage Chairs Help You Get Stress-Free

Full Body Massage Chair

Get a relaxing comfort after you are done with lots of office work or any hard activity with the full body massage chairs. These tools are the ones with the capability of saving you from moments of stress, anxiety, depression, and body pains. An individual usually feels very tired after working for day long and also search for comfortable products along with entertainment. And, we can bet you that a full body massage chair with all the relieving features can provide you that cozy feeling along with a reduction in various body aches.

For a reason alone, we have come up with Top 10 Best Full Body Massage Chairs in 2023 reviews and buying guides. With a bit of technical aspect, we have explained how these massage chairs can be the best pick for you in 2023 based upon the high-quality material and positive customer reviews.

How Can A Full Body Massage Chair Helps You Get Stress-Free?

If we glance upon the working of the massage chair, it will help a lot in understanding the mechanism of its body help. They have different massage intensities apart from rollers and vibrations. Also, the recliner chairs can get you over there into different positions. With the simple push of a lever or button, you can easily change the chair’s position according to your comfort level. On the other hand, combining features of gears, motors, rollers, and vibrating mechanisms provides excellent massage to the full body.

Top 10 Best Full Body Massage Chairs in 2023

Now, check out the list of top 10 reviews on the best massage chairs for your full body where all the mentioned features are well taken care of.

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10. Osaki Full Body Massage Chair

Osaki Full Body Massage Chair

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Osaki massage chair with a computer full-body scan feature is one of the loving massage chairs by its users. The model comes with a simple control panel and a zero-gravity feature to provide a soothing effect for the full body. Moreover, you will ultimately enjoy its 3D technology to adapt and scan features, especially for enhancing the spine’s performance. In this wireless remote control massage chair, a lot of other exciting features are also provided.

Osaki offers a full range of up-gradation in its chair, along with featured upholstery used. It contains a total of six pre-programmed sessions, which you can easily access with its LCD screen. So, you can choose between air massage, rollers, heat therapy, seat vibration, and more. Overall, the model is reliable, where you can have the best relief to arms, foot, calves, hips, and shoulders.

Key Features
  • PU covered massage chair
  • Auto timer for 5-30 minutes
  • Large LCD screen
  • Seat Vibration
  • Zero Gravity 2-stage
  • Wireless controller
  • Reliable performance
  • Strong material covering
  • Extensive features
  • Auto body scan
  • Upgraded technology
  • Need to learn settings

9. Shiatsu Massage Chair by Lernonl

Shiatsu Massage Chair by Lernonl

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Here is another zero gravity full body massage chair by Lernonl. Along with zero gravity function, it also offers a reclining feature so that you can enjoy massaging while watching TV or doing anything else over this chair. You can have six massage settings such as rolling, kneading, knocking, shiatsu, vibration, and tapping. With triggered massage, 56 airbags and eight massage rollers are provided for overall body comfort.

Four automatic programs are there, including relaxation, stretch, recovery, and a swing mode. All these modes are beneficial as well as quick to use applications. Furthermore, the chair is adjustable, and thus, you can set it according to height to get a relaxing massage. To get the advantage of music along, you need not switch over to external speakers as the chair has an inbuilt Bluetooth speaker for the purpose.

Key Features
  • Inbuilt heaters
  • Fully adjustable chair
  • Contains vibration feature
  • Includes two heating pads
  • Four preset automatic massage programs
  • 3-stage zero gravity function
  • Inbuilt Bluetooth speakers
  • Also gives hands massage and low back therapy
  • Durable
  • Comfy
  • No LCD screen

8. OOTORI Full Body Massage Chair

OOTORI Full Body Massage Chair

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OOTORI is best known for its company’s existence for the last two decades. This remote control massage chair provides features such as three programmed stages, zero gravity, and 3-level speed control, etc. The chair is ergonomically designed to offer the necessary comfort to the user. Its material is eco-friendly so that you need not worry about any skin related issues. The chair may be the best pick for those suffering from anxiety, sore muscles, and neck and back pain.

Well, the massage chair is available in two color options of black and gray. Overall, the chair is having an attractive style feature, which also provides a level of comfort to the user. With the three massage stages, you can easily switch over to different sessions and also control vibration speed at three levels. Also, you will be happy with its 3-year warranty from the manufacturer.

Key Features
  • Zero Gravity feature
  • Foxed rollers
  • Three stages for massage
  • Three-level speed control
  • 56 airbags
  • Durable
  • Ergonomics design
  • Lightweight
  • No Bluetooth speakers

7. Gravity Massage Chair by Sinoluck

Gravity Massage Chair by Sinoluck

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It is one of the best full-body massage chairs by Sinoluck with zero gravity feature and fully roller functions. The chair is further available in two color options, namely the coffee and black. The structure and design are almost similar to that by Ootori. It has inbuilt eight rollers for foot and back along with 32 airbags for arms, shoulder, legs, and seat. You can have this massage chair for shoulders, neck, buttocks, hand, backrest, calf, thighs, and foot.

The product is exceptional while giving stable heat to the overall body. There are three stages of zero gravity present with the third being there for inclination. So, get a soothing relaxation from head to toe with this chair massager and feel an exciting healthy sensation of getting relieved. You can massage for waist and back shiatsu with the chair along with shoulder and neck kneading.

Key Features
  • NASA technology inspiration
  • 3-stage zero gravity feature
  • Skin-friendly leather material
  • 32 airbags for comfort and relief
  • Maximum weight 287lb
  • Massage with air compression
  • Seat Vibration feature
  • Reliable performance
  • User-friendly material
  • Upgraded technology
  • Only 1-year warranty

6. Hrelax Recline Full Body Massage Chair

Hrelax Recline Full Body Massage Chair

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Hrelax comes up with zero gravity feature full body massage chair with an inbuilt Bluetooth speaker and recliner. Its recliner much helps to use the chair comfortably while watching TV or doing other similar activities. The chair has an inbuilt waist heater with ideal temperature settings. Moreover, it has eight fixed massage rollers to provide necessary relief for your feet and back.

This single chair is built with various functions such as waist heater, neck massage, foot massage, full body airbags, telescopic leg, Bluetooth speakers, and back massage. Along with 3-stage zero gravity, you are also offered six massage options for daily relaxation, improved sleep, and exercise recovery. It also contains a 5-inch extension footrest, which you can easily adjust according to different heights.

Key Features
  • Full body airbags massager
  • Adjustable footrest extension
  • Eight massage rollers
  • Inbuilt Bluetooth speaker
  • Six pre-programmed massage options
  • Comfy
  • High-quality, user-friendly material
  • 3-year warranty
  • Challenging to set various controls

5. SmartMassageChairs Full Body Massage Recliner Chair

SmartMassageChairs Full Body Massage Recliner Chair

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It is another best pick in full body massage chairs with worthy features in affordable price. Some of its notable functions include full body massage with airbags, zero gravity, inbuilt waist heater, and Bluetooth speaker. With the chair, you can place airbags over shoulders, buttocks, arms, feet, and legs. All its functions help to get relief and comfort for the body.

The chair consists of various adjustable settings, including three airbag levels, six preset modes, and other ideal massage intensity modes. To reduce, you can also easily use its zero-gravity feature. Furthermore, its inbuilt waist heater helps relieve lower back muscles and provides excellent back therapy. There are footrest extensions present if you are also a tall individual and want to make adjustments according to your height.

Key Features
  • A great recliner
  • Inbuilt Bluetooth Music Speaker
  • Six preset modes
  • 15 minutes timer
  • High-quality PU leather material
  • Durable
  • Adjustable
  • Extensive features
  • Rough massage rollers

4. Full Body Massage Chair by WOVTE

Full Body Massage Chair by WOVTE

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Wovte has designed a professional full body massage chair with foot rollers and zero gravity function. The product helps you get fully relaxed with its extensive vibration style. Overall, the material of the chair is a high-quality synthetic leather in a bright brown color. Its soft texture also provides the necessary comfort while taking a massage. The chair has a manual mode where you can select from 6 massage methods.

To give the chair an upgraded function, 3-stage zero gravity modes are also provided. Zero gravity is one of the high-end features you can have in such full body massage chairs. It’s Auto Button’ merely is accessible by the user to switch within different modes. Over the remote control, there are four features provided, namely calves, arms, buttocks, and shoulders.

Key Features
  • Foot Rollers and Full body airbags
  • Six settings in manual mode
  • Includes Auto Button
  • 3-stage zero gravity function
  • Different massaging techniques
  • Both manual and automatic modes
  • High quality and durable material
  • No inbuilt music player

3. Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair by BestMassage

Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair by BestMassage

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It is a zero gravity full body electric massage chair by BestMassage that consists of inbuilt foot rollers and heat therapy function. A total of 14 massage points are there to provide soothing comfort and relaxation to the full body. The chair supports the neck, head, shoulder, back, waist, legs, and foot. Furthermore, you are provided with three preset modes for auto settings.

As the chair is built with Shiatsu technology, you need not buy any extras for getting different pain relievers. Also, it strains the gravity pressure with a zero-gravity feature, which is notable in every kind of massage chair. A total of 35 airbags that is primarily helpful in relaxing arms, shoulders, legs, and feet. The manufacturer is providing 100% hassle-free refunds upon any dissatisfaction.

Key Features
  • Air Compression with inbuilt heat therapy feature
  • Zero-gravity function
  • Three modes for auto presetting
  • Dual foot rollers
  • Stretching for full body
  • Durable material
  • Extensive features
  • Easy refunds
  • No inbuilt music system

2. Real Relax Premium 3D Full Body Massage Chair

Real Relax Premium 3D Full Body Massage Chair

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If you are looking for a premium 3D technology massage chair, do consider this Real Relax Recliner Massage Chair. The height of the chair is 50.18 inches, which are further adjustable according to different heights. This chair is built with hand 3D rollers that you can have in hand to give massage over thighs, neck, and other body parts. So, in total, six hand robots are provided with 3 level adjustable speeds.

Real Relax manufacturers have also taken care of preset auto modes, including relax, Thai stretch, Waist, and healthy sleep. Even, they have not forgotten the zero-gravity design feature as it is a must in every massage chair. At the same time, the product is FDA registered, which is a great feature to not indulge in any health-related issues further.

Key Features
  • Premium 3D technology with robots
  • FDA registered
  • Full body scan feature
  • Six auto preset programs
  • Also includes hand rollers
  • Durable
  • Under three years warranty
  • Space-saving
  • No cons

1. OOTORI Recliner Massage Chair

OOTORI Recliner Massage Chair

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It is Recliner OOTORI Full Body Massage Chair with the zero-gravity feature. The chair is electric with Shiatsu function. Furthermore, the chair is a recliner to have your comfort, even while listening to music or doing other tasks. The chair also has a full-body scan feature. The best part about the chair is its S-track function, which helps you detect your spine’s length and body line shape.

Some robot hands are also there with two heaters to warm up your lower back. Its 3D robot hands offer rolling, kneading, walking, and shiatsu. Listen to music happily with an inbuilt Bluetooth music system. Its foot massage system also improves sleep and body circulation. Overall, the chair is well built with 3D robotic technology and soft, comfy material.

Key Features
  • 3D robot hands
  • 2 Heaters for back heating therapy
  • Automatic full body scan
  • Foot massage
  • Durable
  • Comfy
  • Superior featured technology
  • Expensive

What Factors To Be Considered Before Buying A Full Body Massage Chair?

You need to think upon a list of factors before buying a full body massage chair in 2023. Keeping in mind these factors, we have selected only the top products for your choice. Check out those crucial points given below.

  • Power

Check out the massage power function, which can be one of the critical deciding factors to choose between rough or soft massage techniques. Well, you cannot say that a particular model produces more power than others. It is considerable in the way that you can be selective of various power functions provided. This is because some may not like the rough or harsh massage provided.

  • Body Scan Feature

The Body Auto Detection feature is also considerable and should not be ignored if provided in a massage chair. The function helps you track the body curvature, bodyline shape, or parts of your spine. This can be a perfect thing for those with extreme back pain issues.

  • Air Compression system

Massage chairs with air compression make use of airbags to squeeze your body parts and give more relaxing experience in massage. Most chairs have inbuilt airbags for shoulders, arms, neck, hips, and feet. As the number of airbags increases in a massage chair, it also helps to make the massage experience better and soothing.

  • Zero Gravity

Though we have listed the feature, or you can say factor in the last, but it still places a significant impact on the massage chair’s performance. However, the element usually exists in high-end models. In this function, your body will reach a stage of zero weight imagination without any gravity pressure. The chair consists of various stages in zero gravity, which further enhances the body massage experience.

  • 3D Massages

The 3D Massage technology with robotic hands structure offers a kind of depth than a standard massage. They are often combined with airbags and rollers that squeeze your body within and provide excellent overall comfort. Once your body is fully packed in the airbags, the inbuilt rollers start along the massage process.

  • Muscle and Spinal Stretch

Spinal and Muscle stretch features use the air compression function to relieve your muscles. These functions can have many different names, which are also a perfect alternative to physical exercise. Various acupressure points are there to enhance the massage experience to best pressure points over the specific area.


Having discussed the top 10 best full body massage chairs in 2023 reviews and buying guides, we can confidently say about the benefits of using massage chairs. You can analyze how the working mechanism of a chair with rollers, vibration, and other features can get you out there in reducing your body aches.

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