Best Pressurized Growlers for Craft Beer in 2023 | Complete Reviews

Brewing your own IPA was never easier. You can buy all ingredients and tools online and craft your own brand of beer. But then you need to store it, and that’s a different story. Beer gets flat and tasteless easily once fermented. If you want to drink your brew and maybe carbonate it, you need the proper equipment.  Usual industry size kegs come with a few gallons capacity, more than you need.

A good solution for this problem is a pressurized growler for craft beer and other beverages. With capacities between 64 and 128 oz, they cater to all uses. Most even look like a regular keg with rounded handles integrated in the upper ring. You can run them with standard CO2 capsules as you use for soda makers. Some kegs are even double walled to keep your beer cold for up to 24 hours. The storage time is even longer: because it is pressurized no air gets in and the beer can be kept for up to 2 months. Most models even fit in your fridge.

A mini keg or growler is an easy and affordable way to pour your homemade beer into your or your friend’s glasses. They can also be used for sales people showcasing the freshness and taste of a new craft beer brand. Since the pressurized growlers for craft beer are small in size, you can take them with you to events, camping or parties.

Top Best Pressurized Growlers for Craft Beer

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7. GrowlerWerks uKeg

GrowlerWerks uKeg

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For beer enthusiasts who want to keep their favorite drink cool and flavourful the GrowlerWerks uKeg is something to consider. It comes with a 64 oz vacuum insulated pressurized container. Your beverages can be stored for up to 2 weeks. A great advantage is the patented automatic carbonation cap carry handle that also works as a locking tap.

If your homebrew isn’t carbonated yet, you don’t have to worry. The CO2 capsule will do the job for you. Out comes a beer with foam you usually only see with a high quality pilsner. The carbonation cap allows you to regulate the pressure. The powder coated finish and rubber footing makes it easy to carry around. When serving a beer, just turn the dispenser in the open position. After can keep it locked or unlocked – booth settings close the tap.

  • Easy to carry around
  • Pressure regulator for different kind of beverages
  • Patented carbonation cap
  • Keeps beverages fresh for up to 2 weeks
  • Very simple design

6. TMCRAFT Mini Keg Growler Craft Beer  Steel Home Keg Kit System

TMCRAFT Mini Keg Growler Craft Beer  Steel Home Keg Kit System

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When it comes to design, TMCRAFT did a great job with this Keg-System. It reminds you of a regular beer keg with its brushed steel design. On top sits a tap and dispenser like the one you know from your favorite bar or pub. With 128 oz capacity, it should be enough for a craft beer tasting with friends or a BBQ with the family.

The upgraded regulator provides you the exact pressure in PSI, so you can fine tune it to your taste, needs and contains. You can use standard CO2 cartridges with a ⅜’’ thread. 16g of CO2 is enough to pressurize your homemade beer. You get a one year warranty and full time customer support after purchasing. Small but important detail: a special design makes sure the hose doesn’t bend and always reaches the bottom.

  • Great design with a brushed steel look
  • Exact PSI numbers indicate current pressure
  • Works with standard cartridges
  • Attention to detail in all parts maks use easy
  • Very toouch sensitive tap

5. Pressurized Beer Mini Keg System with  64oz capacity

Pressurized Beer Mini Keg System with  64oz capacity

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If you are planning to hike with a friend or you want to sell you craft beer to new customers, this mini keg system fits your requirements. With 64oz capacity, it contains enough beverage for 2-3 people. You can also use it perfectly to give samples when you are on a sales call. Nutrichef’s Pressurized growler is with a height of 13.4” small enough to even fit in a refrigerator. But don’t worry: The stainless steel container keeps your filling cool for quite a while.

You have a regulator for the pressure on top as well as an industry standard tap. With a regular 12g CO2 capsule you keep your beer from becoming flat. To close the keg properly Nutrichef decided to use caps in hex form, which are easier to grip and handle. Stainless steel is not only an eye-catcher but also ensures that the keg is safe all times.

  • Keep your beer fresh for up to 2 months
  • Works with standard disposable CO2 cartridges
  • Easy to open and close
  • Adjustable pressure through the regulator
  • Small capacity

4. TMCRAFT 64oz Pressurized Mini Keg Growler

TMCRAFT 64oz Pressurized Mini Keg Growler

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The little brother of the 128oz TMCRAFT model still provides a great experience for beer lovers. It is small enough to fit in a standard refrigerator and extend the storage period even further.  For the keg, the company uses the same 304 stainless steel as it is found in professional kegs from breweries. One of the recent updates is a regulator that shows you current PSI-Numbers at the gauge. This way you can adjust the pressure accordingly.

As with other TMCRAFT growlers and dispensers, you can use 3/8″ thread CO2 capsules. A 16g cartridge is more than enough. This growler looks good at parties and gatherings with a polished faucet and brushed steel design at the keg. Since it is small and light enough you can carry it with you, even for camping or when you take public transport.

  • PSI-meter for correct pressure measurements
  • Stainless steel container
  • Standard thread for CO2 capsules
  • Small size makes it very portable
  • No direct contact for customers support

3. NutriChef Pressurized Growler Portable Kegerator 128oz

NutriChef Pressurized Growler Portable Kegerator 128oz

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For those who are familiar with products from Nutrichef, this model is a larger alternative to the 64oz version. You can store 128oz of beverages, from craft and homemade beer to even juices and iced coffee. It keeps cool whatever is inside, for up to 2 months. You never have to drink a flat beer again!

Like many other dispensers, the NutriChef Kegerator gives you an accurate pressure reading through an indicator next to the gauge. Standard CO2 capsules fit into the chambers and can be inserted in less than a minute. Stainless steel ensures food safety as well as withstand heavy duty. A lasered mark warns you when you exceed the fill level. Once you empty the keg, a valve releases the remaining pressure, so you can open it safely.

  • Pressure valve for a safe opening
  • Laser mark for exact filling height
  • Neoprene Koozie to keep it cool even longer
  • Solid Stainless Steel material and design
  • Regulator sticks out too far

2. NutriChef PKBRTP299 Pressurized Mini Keg System double steel wall

NutriChef PKBRTP299 Pressurized Mini Keg System double steel wall

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One of the keg systems in the higher price range is the NutriChef PKBRTP299 model, but for a good reason. To ensure your brew is always cold the producers used double-walled stainless steel insulation for the keg. The result is up to 8 hours fresh and cold (or warm) beverages pouring from the faucet. With 128oz capacity, this growler lasts easily throughout a whole evening. For those who are selling craft beer in the region around the brewery NutriChef ensures that even the last customers on a sales route get a cold beer. Even with it’s higher capacity the PKBRTP299 models 15.7” short cap design make it fit into most fridges.

The keg comes with a cap spear, brass tap and a food safe hose.  A CO2 aluminum regulator with a 0-30 PSI indicator allows you to measure and regulate the pressure. For closing and opening, a hexagonal screw makes it easier to grip.

  • Double walled tank for keep beverages cold for a long time
  • Volume big enough for a party
  • Fits into most fridges for storage
  • Easy to grip screw on top of the keg
  • More in the higher price range

1. GrowlerWerks uKeg Pressurized Growler for Design Fans

GrowlerWerks uKeg Pressurized Growler for Design Fans

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Most mini kegs and growlers focus on the design of traditional kegs and a practical style. This model goes a different way and mimics old brewery tanks with copper pipes. It ticks all the features you find in other 64oz models but adds eye-catching elements to it. One is a sight glass that lets you see the contents of the keg.

Another different approach to mini kegs is the pressure indicator at the bottom of the container. The faucet and carbonate container are separated. This way you can’t even see the CO2 cartridges since they are hidden in the top screw. The result of this design is a wonderful, retro-style pressurized growler that not just functions well, but also looks amazing. This left will get all the attention at a party, but also may impress customers when you want to sell your craft beer.

  • CO2-capsule hidden in the top screw
  • Great design making it outstanding from other kegs
  • Sight glass to inspect the content
  • Customizable handle to promote your brand
  • Takes some time to install the CO2-capsule properly

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