Tips on How to Pick The Best Reading Lights for Bed in 2023

Reading Lights for Bed

If you’re a bookworm, getting through another page or chapter must be your way to cap the night off. Therefore, keeping a reading light on by the bed makes your nocturnal reading a whole lot easier; you can let yourself wallow in the story, novel, or whatever you’re reading without straining your eyes. Well, who wants to read in the dark, anyway?

Putting up a reading light by your bed truly is imperative, especially if love going through the books at night. Reading in low or dim lights can cause eye strain and if you’ve been doing this constantly, it can cause adverse effects like a cripple in your vision.

To help you choose what type of reading light you should use, we’ve considered the key features such as the brightness levels or light output and the ease of use and hence, rounded up the best reading lights you can find on the market. Together with the Top 10 Best Reading Lights for Bed, we’ve also included a comprehensive buying guide for your reference.

10 Best Reading Lights for Bed in 2023

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10. LED Reading Light, Dimmable Clamp Lamp for Bed Headboard

LED Reading Light, Dimmable Clamp Lamp for Bed Headboard

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You can clip it on your bed’s headboard or at the edge of your study table. Either way, you can luxuriate in comfortable lighting with this LED reading light from Eyocean. Programmed with built-in 24 LEDs, you can easily adjust the lighting in 3 different modes while keeping the brightness at its ideal level. You can opt for warm white, cold white, and natural white and each has 9 brightness settings that you can adjust according to your preferred brightness.

Another noticeable about this light is the flexible gooseneck which is also a clever design that allows you to get an optimal light angle. And because it emits soft eye-care lighting source, anti-glare and flicker-free, it can prevent your eyes from straining while you’re reading or studying, especially at night. Powered by a USB cable, you can just plug it in your laptop, powerbank, adapter, or desktop computer and you’re good to go!

Key features
  • Adjustable brightness with its 9 settings
  • Offers 3 modes: cold white, warm white, natural white
  • Designed with a heavy-duty clamp for durability and easy clipping; can be used for headboards or study tables
  • Designed with a flexible gooseneck for optimal light angle
  • Powered by USB cable
  • Portable and slim design
  • Anti-glare, flicker-free, and soft lighting

9. LuminoLite Rechargeable 4 LED Hug Light

LuminoLite Rechargeable 4 LED Hug Light

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Perhaps, it’s much easier and more comfortable to read under the dim when you have a reading light that you won’t have to hold or wrap around your head. That’s why LuminoLite innovated a rechargeable light with flexible arms that you can place around your neck for a hands-free lighting. It has an anti-slip rubber so you can get all the light you need with it slipping.

Equipped with 2 LEDs in each arm, it illuminates respectively in 3 different brightness levels and you can choose from wide light, flashlight, and full brightness from the flashlight and wide light. It can provide optimal and comfortable lighting not only when you read, but also if you need to walk your dog at night or when you’re doing your crafts, repairs, and many other activities that require hands-free lighting. The neck is bendable and made from a durable soft rubber which you can bend and adjust according to the posture or angle you want for your ideal lighting.

Key features
  • Hug or neck light for hands-free lighting
  • Have bendable arms made of durable soft rubber for flexibility
  • 3 brightness settings: flashlight, wide, and both flashlight and wide light
  • Has an anti-slip rubber for steady lighting
  • Can be worn around the neck while reading, crafting, etc.

8. TopElek Reading Light

TopElek Reading Light

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It’s just either a short press or a long press to transition from one brightness level to another. Truly, TopElek reading light makes it much easier for you to adjust the brightness according to your lighting needs. Programmed with 9 modes, you’ll definitely have a lot to choose for a custom and comfortable lighting and temperature. The short press adjusts the brightness and the long press for the color temperature.

Whether you go warm, natural, or cold white, it illuminates in full brightness to give you the perfect lighting you need. It has a durable clamp that you can clip right on the book, by the bed, or let it sit on the table while you’re studying or reading. As it is lightweight, portable, and compact, you can take it anywhere with you and never go through the books in the dark ever again. It has a built-in battery that is rechargeable and the indicator on the side will let you know the remaining power.

Key features
  • Easy switch from different brightness levels and modes
  • 9 modes for temperature color and brightness
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Has a clamp for easy clipping on the bed, table, or book
  • Can be used as a study table lamp
  • Battery-operated; rechargeable
  • Has an indicator for the battery power

7. LEDGLE Updated Rechargeable LED Book Light

LEDGLE Updated Rechargeable LED Book Light

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The Ledgle book light is another option for a hands-free lighting. With the flexible soft rubber arms, you can bend or adjust the angle that will best suit the contours around your neck. The high-grade soft silicon is not only comfortable on the skin but also safe to use even if you wear for long hours. It feels even more comfortable because it is lightweight, portable, and compact; you can use it anytime, anywhere.

The lighting is comprised of 2 LEDs in each arm and programmed with 6 different brightness levels and therefore, allows you to customize the lighting according to your preferred brightness and angle. With just one click, you can change the adjustments and switch the light on and off. It also has a long running time which can go up to 20 hours depending on the brightness level. And because it is operated with rechargeable batteries, it’s much easier to keep the power up!

Key features
  • Rechargeable battery; can stay up to 20 hours when fully charged
  • Lightweight, portable, and compact
  • Feels comfortable to wear with the durable and flexible soft silicone arms
  • Has 4 LEDs in total; comes with 6 different brightness levels
  • Easy to operate; powers up in just one click
  • Hands-free book light

6. acegoo Bedside Reading Light

acegoo Bedside Reading Light

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If you prefer a bedside lighting fixture, the Acegoo reading light is among the ideal selections you can consider. Designed with a holder base, you can easily mount it on the wall beside your bed and take delight in great lighting, especially at night. The base also features a control button that you can use to switch the lamp on and off and change the brightness settings.

This dimmable lamp also has a flexible gooseneck that provides lighting with an optimal angle. You can use it to direct the light to the material or book you’re reading. The design also showcases a narrow or focused beam that allows you to use the lamp without lighting up the whole room and disturb your partner. The recessed LED beam also prevents glare and rather provide warm lighting.

Key features
  • Focused beam with warm lighting
  • Has a recessed LED that prevents glare
  • Wall-mounted; ideal for bedside lighting fixture
  • Has a base with a control button or touch dimmer switch for easy operation
  • Features a flexible gooseneck for the optimal angle
  • Dimmable lamp

5. Eyocean LED Reading Light, Dimmable Clamp Light for Bed Headboard

Eyocean LED Reading Light, Dimmable Clamp Light for Bed Headboard

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Clip-on reading lights have really been a trend nowadays and if you need one for your bed, the Eyocean dimmable clamp light surely is worth a try. It is designed with a durable clamp that you can just clip on the side of your bed or even at the edge of your table or armchair and get the ample lighting you need when you’re reading or crocheting or whatever crafts you’re doing. It also has a flexible gooseneck design that allows you to adjust the angle or direction to satisfy your lighting demands. Powered by USB, you can just plug it in any USB compatible device such as laptop, powerbank, desktop, and adapter.

This LED reading lamp has 3 lighting modes and 9 brightness levels; it is a vast variation of lighting settings and thus allows you to revel in the lighting you’re most comfortable with. Along the wire, you’ll see the control panel or the buttons for the temperature color and brightness as well as the on and off button. The minimalist aluminum and alloy design are engineered with anti-glare LED chips that diffuse light without flicker and glare.

Key features
  • USB-powered; compatible with any devices with USB ports such as laptop, desktop, powerbank, and adapter
  • Minimalist design; made of aluminum and alloy
  • Has high-quality LED chips for bright lighting without glare and flicker
  • Has 3 modes and 9 brightness levels
  • Gooseneck design for flexibility and ample angle
  • Easy to operate
  • Clip-on design

4. Brightech LightView Pro Flex Magnifying Lamp

Brightech LightView Pro Flex Magnifying Lamp

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The Brightech Lightview magnifying lamp is innovatively designed for people who have poor eyesight and need a better and close-up view. The magnifying lens is also ideal for those who need to work on intricate projects. This lamp is engineered with a diopter magnifying glass paired with LEDs and therefore, zooms in the material and diffuses a bright light at the same time.

Besides the innovative design, it has a flexible gooseneck that allows you to direct the light according to your preferred position or angle. It also emits warm light to make sure the eyes won’t strain. As it is a plugged-in device, you can use it where an electric outlet is available.

Key features
  • Innovatively designed with a magnifying glass and LED light
  • Ideal for people with poor eyesight and those who work on complex projects
  • Easy to operate; plug-in lamp
  • Zooms in the material and provides bright lighting
  • Sleek, lightweight, and portable
  • Has a gooseneck design for the optimal light direction or angle

3. Energizer Clip on Book Light for Reading in Bed

Energizer Clip on Book Light for Reading in Bed

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Whether it is narrow or wide, the Energizer clip-on book light lets you customize the lighting according to the angle you’re most comfortable. Engineered with an advanced LED technology, this tiny wonder can emit bright natural light. Compared to other reading lamps on the market, this one’s more compact and portable which is ideal for those who love to read when they move places.

It has a flexible neck that allows you to adjust the angle or position where the light is needed. And this handy clip-on light, although small, can run up to 25 hours. To make sure you won’t run out of power, it includes 2 2 Energizer CR2032 Batteries.

Key features
  • Very compact and lightweight
  • Clip-on design
  • Uses LED for bright and natural light
  • Can run up to 25 hours
  • Portable; ideal for people who travel
  • Powered by 2 Energizer CR2032 batteries
  • Has a gooseneck design for flexible positioning

2. LuminoLite B076SVC7SN Rechargeable Reading Light

LuminoLite B076SVC7SN Rechargeable 3000K Warm 6 LED Book

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In the vast collection of rechargeable reading lights, this LuminoLite lamp has something to offer for those who need a portable, lightweight, and compact lamp for studying and reading. Designed with a wide durable clamp, you can just clip it on the side of your table, laptop, or on top of your book. It also has a flexible neck that can move for 360 degrees so you’ll get the best angle or direction you need for reading.

Engineered with 6 LEDs, it diffuses a bright but soft light that does not strain your eyes. And because it is super lightweight and small, you can create a private reading space without disturbing your partner when sleeping. It does not require any batteries. It has a built-in rechargeable battery that you can plug in any USB compatible devices for charging!

Key features
  • Super lightweight, portable, and compact
  • Ideal for private reading or studying
  • Has a durable and wide clamp for easy clipping; can be used on books, tables, or laptops
  • Flexible neck to focus the light on a preferred angle
  • Diffuses bright but soft light; has 3 brightness levels
  • Rechargeable; compatible with any devices with USB ports

1. Led Clip Reading Light

Led Clip Reading Light

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It works as a table lamp and a reading light. With its durable clip base, it’s all up to you if you want to clip it on your book, on the side or your table, on the head board, or just let it sit on the table when you’re reading or studying. Truly, it’s multifunctional but it’s even more impressive with its LED light that can be customized into 3 brightness settings. You can also go for a dimmer setting if you want to keep the light discreet.

Engineered with 12 LED bulbs, it illuminates a bright but soft light that does not strain the eyes. Without flicker and glare, it keeps the eyes from protected all the time. It also powers up easily because it is USB powered that you can just plug into any device with USB ports such as laptops, desktop, powerbank, or adapter. When fully charged, it can run up to 24 hours of bright and wide light!

Key features
  • Clip-on design that can be clipped on books, tables, headboards or laptops; can also be used as a table lamp
  • Rechargeable; can be charged and used with USB compatible devices
  • Has a runtime of 24 hours
  • Diffuses bright but soft light
  • Has 3 brightness levels – low, medium, high
  • Durable clamp
  • Minimalist design
  • Has 12 LED bulbs that diffuse very bright light without glare or flicker

How to Choose the Best Reading Light for Bed

  • BRIGHTNESS & LIGHT SETTINGS: Many reading lights have expandable settings that allow you to customize the brightness and the different modes for the LED color or color temperature. Having the ability to change the brightness levels allows you revel in the perfect and most comfortable lighting mood. Some reading lights also have available modes where you can transition the temperature color from different ranges like warm white, natural white, and cold white.
  • EASE OF USE: There are reading lights that are ergonomically designed with intuitive controls or soft-touch button settings to make the operation much easier. Since you’ll be using it by the bed most of the time, it is definitely important how you can use it with ease and comfort. Many manufacturers also come up with a design where you can wear the reading light around your neck for a hands-free lighting.
  • POWER SOURCE: Due to the advancement of the technology nowadays, almost every reading light for the bed is integrated with a USB cable and can be powered through any USB device such as laptop, power bank, adapter, or computer. In contrast to the design of traditional bed lamps, this type of power source promotes versatility allowing the users to operate these modern reading lights much easier.

On the other hand, there are reading lights that are also operated with rechargeable batteries and this allows you to use the reading light without any wires needed.

  • VERSATILITY: Although most reading lights for beds are clip-ons, there are many designs today that are applicable for multiple uses. They can also be used as a table lamp for studying and some designs have a flexible neck for the ideal lighting. Other clip-ons are available in portable and compact size which allows you to bring it anywhere you go, may it be at a hotel, car, airplane, and many more places.

On the other hand, you can still opt for reading lights that can only be mounted on your bed for a fixed lighting. But if you’re looking for a comfortable lighting that you can use for reading anywhere and anytime, surely there are a lot of designs to choose from.


Reading lights are a must-have for everyone who loves to read at night, work on projects up-close, and need to study just when the daylight’s about to wrap up. Surely, there’s a ton of designs to choose from but it all comes down to the brightness, light settings, versatility, ease of use, and the power source that makes a reading light truly efficient.

To make sure you get the best deals and the topnotch products on the market, mentioned above are the top ten list of our ultimate picks for reading lights. To find the one that suits your lighting needs, you can also take note of the significant factors we’ve jotted down in our comprehensive buying guide.

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