Top 10 Best Solar String Lights in 2021

During festivities and special occasions, it is crucial to decorate our homes. This gives our homes a gorgeous look that puts us in celebration mood. However, when decorating our spaces it doesn’t mean that we have to bear the heavy electricity bills. Unlike the electric powered models, the best solar string lights run entirely on solar energy, thus you don’t have to worry about paying expensive energy bills.

These lights also come various design that adds ambiance to your wedding, birthday parties, anniversaries and other celebrations even if you don’t have an electrical outlet nearby.

Some of the other benefits that come with these lights are that they are versatile allowing you to use them both in outdoor and indoor spaces. Besides, these lights are affordable and eco-friendly offering you an environmentally conscious way of illuminating your space.

With this being said, it is important to note that not all the solar string lights can be held to the same standards. Some bring you all these benefits while others do not uphold their promise.

To make your search easier we have put a list of the top ten best solar strings lights on the market today. They are available in different lighting option, length, and power. Go through each model before making up your mind on the best purchase.

Top 10 Best Solar String Lights in 2021

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10. Vmanoo Solar String Lights

Vmanoo Solar String Lights

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Birthday, weddings, valentine, anniversaries, holidays, are just some of the occasions that we would want to decorate our homes. While there are many ways we can create that gorgeous look, very few offer a magnificent look than using these solar powered lights from Vmanoo. These solar-powered string lights measure 33 feet of miniature LED lights that emit a warm white light that gives your home an impressive look. The warm light creates a romantic and gorgeous effect that fits any occasion.

Constructed using a flexible copper wire, you can bend them to assume any creative shape that you want. More to this, these lights are water resistant allowing you to use them indoors and outdoors all year round. Since they are powered by solar energy, you can save your lighting costs. Additionally, their eco- friendly design allows you to conserve the environment. Above all, these lights are super easy to install, saving you time, energy, and money.

Key features
  • Crafted from flexible and durable copper wire
  • A highly bendable string that can shape easily to all kinds of creative design
  • Long working time of up to eight hours and fast charging
  • IP65 waterproof allowing you to use all year round

9. lychee Solar powered Fairy string light

 lychee Solar powered Fairy string light

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For those who prefer a shabby or country chic aesthetics, the Iychee solar powered string light adds a cute touch to any space you hang them. These lights look awesome even during the day when they are not on. When properly charged, they give you light for over ten hours. Another great feature is that they take less time to charge, about six hours although it will depend on the climate of where you live.

Boasting of a weatherproof design, you can use these fairy lights indoors and outdoors regardless of the prevailing weather. They also come with two modes, the continuous mode, and flashing mode.

Additionally, these lights come with a flexible line that can be easily molded and bent so that you can wrap them around signs, furniture as well as other decorations. Moreover, the light is incredibly easy to set up and install.

Key features
  • Environmentally friendly design that allows covert the solar energy into electricity
  • 100 LED lights emit flashing and steady lights to for a beautiful living space
  • Sealed construction to ensure excellent waterproof performance
  • Long string illuminates a large area in the indoors as well as outdoors

8. Vivii Solar Crystal Ball Waterproof String Lights

Vivii Solar Crystal Ball Waterproof String Lights

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Give your garden and home a gorgeous look that your guest will admire with the Vivii solar string lights. These are environmentally friendly lights that convert solar energy into electricity, saving you monthly power bills. This string is integrated with 30 bright LED lights that not only illuminate a large area but also gives your space an attractive look.

These lights come in a watertight construction that allows you to use them both indoors and outdoors. They also have a powerful solar panel that absorbs solar energy efficiently and converts it to electricity. Depending on the climate of where you live the battery reaches full charge after only six hours and deliver enough power that keeps the bulbs on for up to eight hours. What’s more, these lights are easy to install as they take less than five minutes to set up.

Key features
  • Powered by an 800mAh rechargeable battery that lasts for 8 to 10 hours
  • Eight working modes to make your environment stand out
  • Solar powered meaning you don’t have to worry about additional electric costs
  • Easy installation, both the string and solar panel

7. Sunlitec solar 100 LEDs Starry String Lights

Sunlitec solar 100 LEDs Starry String Lights

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Create a warm, cozy, and romantic ambiance outdoors or indoors with the Sunlitec solar LED string lights. These are a great addition to a birthday party, wedding, dinner dates as well as during holidays. These bendable string lights allow for easy customization, allowing you to hang them on your furniture, against a wall as well as on other structures suitable for lighting décor. The string is well insulated to ensure weather resistance and safety.

You will also love the energy efficient and eco-friendly design that brings a balance between elegance and sparkle without hurting your budget. When it comes to setting the lights, they won’t disappoint. Their contraption design makes it easy to wraps them around anything. However, you should take care not to over bend or hyperactive-extend the string as this will reduce their lifespan.

Key features
  • Emits a warm white glow that brings a beautiful look to wherever you install it
  • Made of durable and bendable copper that takes numerous shape
  • Once fully charged, they offer an impressive 15 hours illumination
  • 20 ft long string which is integrated with super bright and waterproof lights

6. SOCO Solar Globe String Lights

SOCO Solar Globe String Lights

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When it comes to decorating any outdoor space, durability is crucial. The SOCO solar string light is designed to withstand excessive sun, wind, and rain. It comes with a rugged and aesthetically appealing design that looks great wherever you hang it. Boasting of eight different modes available in sequential, wave, flash, slow fade, slo-Glo, twinkle and steady on you can customize to get your desired effects.

Besides offering various lighting modes, this solar string light also serves several purposes. For instance, you can use them for home décor, night lighting, commercial promotion and much more. Thanks to the easy installation, setting it up takes less time and energy. The strings are bendable allowing them to take the shape that you want.

Key features
  • Waterproof construction enables you to use them indoors and outdoors
  • Comes with eight working modes that enables you customize the look of your space
  • Less charging time and longer runtime
  • Easy installation that doesn’t require wiring

5. Binval Solar Fairy String Lights

Binval Solar Fairy String Lights

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These are another great choice for indoor and outdoor decoration. They illuminate a beautiful light that will definitely boost the mood and make any space gorgeous. You can place them in various location including ceiling, corridors, walls, signposts as well as at your backyard or patio. They can be used for all festivities including Christmas holidays, birthdays, weddings, valentines, and any other special occasion.

Unlike other models, these string lights are brighter and cover a large area. Each string consists of over 200 LED lights and offers eight kinds of modes that automatically transforms.

They are also eco-friendly as they convert the sun’s energy into electricity quickly, saving on your electric bills. More importantly, they are super easy to assemble, as the wire is bendable and are weather resistant.

Key features
  • Weatherproof construction makes them a perfect choice for both outdoor and indoor decoration
  • Made of high-end materials to ensure durability and top performance
  • Come with an OFF/ON and Mode switches or easy operation
  • Powerful rechargeable battery ensures longer runtime

4. Brightech Ambience Pro Retro Edison Filament Bulbs

Brightech Ambience Pro Retro Edison Filament Bulbs

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Manufactured by a reputable manufacturer, the Brightech ambiance Edison filament bulbs solar lights will create a warm nostalgic glow for you and your family allowing you to enjoy a magnificent décor on your backyard or patio.

These bulbs great decoration for all seasons thanks to their sturdiness and aesthetics. The lights come with a weather tight technology that allows them to be left outdoors all seasons.

Different from other models, this light senses when darkness creeps in and lights automatically. They also shut off automatically when during daybreak. This means you don’t have to switch them on and off. The set up is incredibly easy, as you simply need to hang them in them as you desire, in a straight line either across space or in clustered formation.

Key features
  • 27 feet long string with energy efficient 12 G40 bulbs
  • Bendable string allows for easy installation
  • Super bright ensuring efficient illumination for large areas
  • Durable construction with an expected lifespan of over 10 years

3. Brightech Ambience Pro Vintage Edison Bulbs

 Brightech Ambience Pro Vintage Edison Bulbs

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A warm glow gives your space a nice look, but sometimes the mood calls for something that is a bit livelier. This sun powered pergola lights are designed to create a beautiful ambiance that lets you enjoy a nostalgic feel at home. They are bright enough to light your patio or backyard without being overpowering. Each strand comes with 12 G4 shaped LED bulbs that are not only beautiful but also durable.

The string is wrapped in a layer of silicon for advanced protection. Similar to the other models from this brand, these lights are weather resistant so you can hang them outdoors or indoors. What’s more, thanks to the easy set up you can hang them almost everywhere without requiring any fixing equipment.

Key features
  • Creates a beautiful ambiance that allows you to sit back and enjoy the view
  • Solar powered so you don’t have to worry about high electrical bills
  • Long sealed wire ensures weatherproof performance
  • Reaches full charge after only six hours of sun and lasts the whole night

2. Lemontec Solar String Lights

Lemontec Solar String Lights

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If you are looking to illuminate a big area, then these are the perfect solar string lights. With this pack, you don’t need to get several packs of lighting as this unit comes with a long string and enough lights to illuminate a large outdoor space. With each string having over 2000 bright bulbs, this is an excellent choice for a wedding, birthday parties, as well as other festivities. We love their durable construction plus a flexible design that allows you to use them almost everywhere.

As you’d expect, these lights are weather resistance, allowing you to use them all year round. Interestingly, these lights are also incredibly easy to use. They come with an OFF and ON button and has two power modes, twinkling and steady. Above all the installation is super easy and doesn’t rewire ally tools or wiring.

Key features
  • Extra-long cable provides lighting and decorative effect
  • Powerful rechargeable battery with an impressive 8+ hour’s runtime
  • Weatherproof performance makes them ideal for outdoor and indoor use
  • Easy tool-free installation

1. Mpow Solar String Lights

Mpow Solar String Lights

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Enhance the look of your outdoor living space with a nostalgic and warm ambiance from the Mpow solar string lights. These lights are an excellent choice for the patio area, deck as well as any other space in your home. They are solar powered allowing you to enjoy free lighting without having to worry about electric bills. Additionally, these light are made from a durable and flexible copper wire that allows you to form any shape you want.

The best part of these gorgeous lights is that they come with eight working modes including Fireflies, fading, Waves, Chasing, and Twinkle Fading slowly, Steady on, and combination. This lets you choose your favorite mode depending on the occasion. More to this, they come with an upgraded solar panel that absorbs energy faster while ensuring an energy-efficient operation of up to ten hours.

Key features
  • Eight working modes enable you to customize your space look
  • Once fully charged they last for more than eight hours
  • The package includes two 33ft Ultra-Thin string lights and solar panels
  • Heat-resistant and IP64 waterproof, making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor

Factors to Consider When buying the best Solar String Lights

When compared to other models, the solar string lights are eco-friendly, long lasting, affordable and gives your home amazing looks. However, similar to other decoration you need to consider some things before settling on the best model.

  • Power: The first crucial aspect to look at is the power. Solar string lights come with different illumination or power level. This is affected by a number of things including the charge left in the battery, climate of your area, types of bulb used as well as the spacing of the bulbs. When deciding on the power you should also think of the area, you want to use. While they need to bright, the light should not be overpowering especially when lighting your patio where you plan to hold aromatic dinner.
  • Construction materials: Another crucial aspect to consider is the construction materials. While the construction needs to be of high quality, you should think of your climate while purchasing these lights. We recommend going for models that come with a weather resistant construction. This allows you to hang them all year long regardless of the prevailing weather. For instance, if you live in an area that rains more often makes sure that the string light is waterproof. They should also resist strong sun and wind especially if you are hanging them in the outdoors.
  • Flexibility: Another crucial consideration is the flexibility of the wires. The string should be made of bendable materials that allow you to form creative designs. They should be easy to wrap around furniture or signs and give you the shape you want. Also going for models with accessories that help you attach them in a flat surface is an added advantage.
  • Energy conversion: Depending on where you live, most string lights reach full charge after absorbing solar energy for 6-10 hours. They store this energy in batteries and convert it to electricity when night comes. Various factors determine the energy conversion efficiency. First, it is the quality of the solar panel. Next, we have the battery. Generally, you should pick a model that absorbs the sun’s energy fast and store enough to last at least six hours during the night.


Solar string lights are a great option for lighting homes during special occasions. These lights are not only economical and versatile but also environmentally friendly. They also adopt various kinds of decorating styles. If you would want to purchase the best, we recommend that you look at the above ten models. These solar powered lights do not only ensure that you get the best value but also make sure that you have an environmentally friendly way of illuminating your space for many years.

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