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Wheelchair Seat Belts

Caring for a loved one is not easy. This becomes even more challenging when your loved one is disabled or has mobility issues. Of course, you will need a wheelchair to assist him/her in moving from one place to the other. While choosing the best wheelchair, there is more than picking a quality wheelchair when it comes to the safety of your loved one. The accessories that come with the wheelchair are as important as the quality of the wheelchair itself. One of these essential accessories is the wheelchair seat belt.

Wheelchair seat belts make the life of the user easier by securing them firmly to their seats. This prevents the patient from topping over or sliding forward from the wheelchair. These belts also ensure that the patient secured in a comfortable position. This minimizes the risk of the wheelchair tipping over, especially when going downhill. With that being said, let us look at the top-selling Wheelchair seat belts available today.

The Best Wheelchair Seat Belts in 2023

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10. H&S Health Wheelchair Seat Belt Restraint Systems

H&S Health Wheelchair Seat Belt Restraint Systems

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Nothing is more important than ensuring that absolute safety and comfort to patients with mobility issues. Designed to provide superior comfort and secure fit, this restraint seat belt is made from heavy-duty materials that are exceptionally strong and soft. Plus, thanks to the ergonomic design, this T shaped belt will restrain the abdomen, waist, and crotch, providing the patient with comprehensive safety.

Better yet, this multifunctional is recommended by home caregivers, nurses, and medical experts. Owing to its versatile design, this belt offers superior protective restraint and anti-user falling, sliding forward and toppling down prevention. Plus, its multifunctional design makes it applicable as wheelchair positioning strap, wheelchair safety belt, medical restraint for the wheelchair and wheelchair seatbelt. Additionally, its exceptional design makes it a solid and reliable option for those suffering from seizures, spasticity, and muscular dystrophy and Parkinson disease.

  • Made using strong yet breathable materials
  • Features reflective strips for increased night visibility
  • Adjusts easily to meet your needs
  • T-shape design offers better balance and stability
  • Slightly expensive but worth every penny thanks to the versatile design

9. HEALTHLINE Wheelchair Strap Seat Belt

HEALTHLINE Wheelchair Strap Seat Belt

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Simplicity at its best! With this auto style strap, you get a simple yet effective wheelchair strap seat that offers absolute safety to individuals with mobility issues. Despite the simple design, this belt secures the patient securely on the wheelchair to prevent the user from sliding forward or toppling over. For improved convenience and security, this wheelchair belt comes equipped with a safe metal buckle that open and closes easily. The straps are also easy to adjust just like an ordinary seat belt on your car seat.

More importantly, this belt expands up to forty-eight inches; so, it will accommodate just any user. Also, this belt is made by a reputable brand; therefore, you shouldn’t have to worry about durability. When it comes to compatibility, this belt can be attached at most wheelchairs back. Even better, it doesn’t require any tools for installation, and the installation takes less than five minutes.

  • Super easy installation with no tools included
  • Simple adjustment with a metal buckle mechanism that releases and closes quickly
  • Made using wear and tear resistant materials
  • Compatible with most wheelchairs
  • Not great for people looking for additional chest and shoulder support

8. NEPPT Wheelchair Seat Belt

NEPPT Wheelchair Seat Belt

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As comfortable as it is rugged, the NEPPT wheelchair straps come with extra padding, making it friendly for both adult and kids. Specifically designed to provide extra waist and abdomen fastening, this belt ensures that any person with spasticity, seizures are well secured to prevent falls and to slip from the wheelchair. Save time and ensure that your patient is safe wherever you are traveling. Unlike other models, installing this belt takes minimal time and installs in most wheelchairs.

Despite featuring a simple design, this wheelchair belt also prevents sliding, keeps the patient well positioned and can be used as a medial restraint while carrying patients from one point to another on a wheelchair. Additionally, this belt is generously adjustable to fit most users and installs quickly in most wheelchair brands.

  • Lightweight and compact, making it easy to transport
  • Easily installs in most wheelchairs
  • Multifunctional design
  • Sturdy yet durable construction
  • The padding could be improved, although the extra wide design makes it comfortable

7. QEES ZYH103 Wheelchair Safety Belt

QEES ZYH103 Wheelchair Safety Belt

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EMTs, Home care professionals, and nursing homes professional staff prefer this wheelchair safety belt for several reasons with the main being ease of use, improved safety, and durability. Different from other models on the market, this belt is crafted from high-quality oxford cloth and filled with thick foam padding to ensure a secure and superior comfort to the patient lower body and waist. Its adjustable wheelchair design also makes it ideal for versatile making a perfect choice for people who are looking for a wheelchair safety belt, additional harness, as well as an adjustable medical safety belt.

Another feature that makes this unit to stand out is that it comes in a wider design, which accommodates not only your waste but also part of your chest. This allows for heightened comfort, balance, and custom fit to ensure that the patient doesn’t slide forward or topple over. Besides coming with strong construction materials, the materials are also bright, making the patient easily visible.

  • Thick foam padding for improved comfort
  • Made using high-quality oxford cloth for enhanced durability
  • Easy, tool-free installation
  • Multifunction design makes it ideal for different patients
  • Slightly narrow, but well padded

6. Modudu Wheelchair Seat Safety Belt

Modudu Wheelchair Seat Safety Belt

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Versatile, simple, and comfortable, this wheelchair belt ensures that immobile, disabled, and maternity patients get from one point to the other effortlessly. This restraint belt combines superior durability and washable convenience, making it one of the preferred models for nurses, home nursing staffs, and EMTs. Thanks to the one size tie down design, this strap adjusts to secure the patient efficiently. Notably, this belt also features a quick release buckle. The buckle attaches and releases easily allowing you to get your patient to wherever you need them within no time.

Boasting of a soft cushioned belt, this seatbelt straps also adopts the Nylon fabric with a sandwich mesh, which is not only breathable but also comfortable for the user. The belt adjusts according to your specification, ensuring that your patient doesn’t topple over or slide forward. As you probably know, the wheelchair is susceptible to various messes, including vomit, blood, etc. Luckily, this model is made of soft and washable materials and stain resistant.

  • Equipped with a quick release buckle
  • Washable and stain resistant construction material
  • Soft cushioned for enhanced comfort
  • Easily attaches to most wheelchairs
  • Few color choices

5. QEES SYD02 Adjustable Wheelchair Safety

QEES SYD02 Adjustable Wheelchair Safety

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While Wheelchairs are designed to make the lives of people with mobility issues easier, people with extreme cases of mobility or other serious conditions such as spasticity or seizures, need extra protection. Yes, some wheelchairs come with inbuilt seat belts, but these are just basic models designed to deal with less serious cases. TheQEES SYD02 belt is built to provide extra safety by fastening patients with a more serious condition, making it easy for nurses and home care experts to transport them with ease. To start with, these belts are made of high-end materials to ensure solid performance.

Next, the strap is well cushioned, so that it feels soft on the skin of the user. Its unique design also ensures a secure fit, preventing any accident that may occur when transporting your patient. As you would expect, this belt also comes with a quick adjustment feature that ensures that the caregiver secures the patient efficiently. More importantly, the belt is built using easy to clean and tough materials that last for many years.

  • Multifunctional design makes it a great safety harness or people with various mobility and other medical problems
  • Well-cushioned and multifunctional design
  • Made by a reputable company
  • Professional Design that attaches on most wheelchairs effortlessly
  • Cleaning tough stains on bright colored models is somewhat difficult

4. Drive Medical Wheelchair Seat Belt

Drive Medical Wheelchair Seat Belt

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Similar to their high-end wheelchairs, this seat belt from Drive Medical is dedicated to ensuring heightened safety and comfort. It features an auto closure feature and a 48-inch adjustable length, making it ideal for most users. Better yet, this belt is not only compatible with all Drive medical wheelchairs but also other models from other brands. Another excellent feature that comes with these straps is that they close and opens like your car’s seatbelts.

Boasting of similar construction materials like that you will find on the seatbelts of your car seats, these belts are also built to withstand wear and tear. The materials are soft and feature an extra wide design to ensure better comfort. What’s more, the belt is equipped with a metallic buckle that attaches and detaches easily, making it easy to use for not only the caregivers but also the patients.

  • Equipped Auto-type Closure
  • Simple to adjust mechanism for a perfect fit
  • Easy to install on most wheelchairs
  • Made by a reputable brand
  • While the belts are extra wide, they are not padded

3. MEOS Wheelchair Universal Seat Belt

MEOS Wheelchair Universal Seat Belt

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The MEOS Universal seatbelt for wheelchairs brings the caregivers simplicity of use when out and about giving their patients a tour or transporting them around the hospital. Different from other cheaply made and thin straps, this belt is 2 inches wide and is well padded to ensure above average comfort for the user. It also comes in a one-piece design, which is not only easy to install, but also equipped with all the features the patient needs. Unlike other seat belts, this one-piece seat belt adjusts up to sixty inches allowing it to accommodate all patients.

Having been constructed using flame retardant webbing materials, this belt is also extremely durable so you will never have to worry about any falling accident. Plus the heavy-duty buckle also ensures seamless operation, when securing and unfastening the patient. What’s more, this belt wrap around the wheelchair, making it super easy to install in most wheelchairs. It doesn’t require any screwing into the frame or any other tools for installation.

  • Super easy installation
  • Made of superior construction materials
  • Extra wide and well-padded design
  • Equipped with a heavy duty buckle
  • Available in a few color choices

2. NEPPT Safety Harness Wheelchair Waist Lap Strap

NEPPT Safety Harness Wheelchair Waist Lap Strap

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This waist lap safety belt is designed to secure patient with mobility issues and other medical conditions making it easy to get around. The belt is overly padded for improved comfort and extra wide to offer better protective restraint and prevent the patient from slipping forward or falling over. The secure design makes it a perfect choice for people who are suffering from serious conditions such as seizures, spasticity, maternity patients, and more. Even better, the belts install all round the wheelchair back, ensuring not only a secure fit but also easy installation on most wheelchairs.

Performance wise, this versatile safety belt also adjusts easily to accommodate almost every user. The buckle attaches and detaches with ease and features a simple mechanism that is similar on that found on your vehicles seat belts. Plus, they are super easy to detach and carry, making them an ideal choice for patients with certain conditions that may worsen time to time.

  • Easy to install on most wheelchairs
  • Compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry
  • Extra wide and overly padded design
  • Better security thanks to the innovative design
  • Limited upper body support such as the chest

1. L.E.D STEP Wheelchair Seat Belt Restraint Systems

L.E.D STEP Wheelchair Seat Belt Restraint Systems

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Transporting the elderly, immobile, disabled, and maternity patients doesn’t have to be a problem. This soft cushioned belt brings you unrivaled comfort and convenience when it comes to dealing with patients who are suffering from spasticity, paraplegia, seizures, Parkinson, muscular dystrophy as well as other conditions that may cause the patient to fall out of a wheelchair. Boasting of a well-cushioned padding and breathable fabric construction, your patient will stay comfortable and secure even when transporting them for long distances.

It also features durable nylon materials that are in sewn with a reflective stripe, which improves patient visibility, especially at night. The integrated quick release buckle also makes it easy for the patient to lock and free him or herself easily. Notably, construction materials also stain resistant and clean easily. What’s more, the one size design attaches easily in most wheelchairs, making it a preferred choice among nurses, EMTs, and home care experts.

  • Equipped with two quick release buckle
  • Innovative design makes it a preferred choice for home care professionals
  • Well-padded, washable wheel strap
  • Supports both your groin and hips
  • None that we could find

Factors to Consider When Selecting the Best Wheelchair Seat Belts

Wheelchair seat belts are great attachments for patients suffering from mobility and conditions that may cause unconsciousness. With the right model, you can now transport your patients without having to worry about them slipping forward from the wheelchair. Each product is made differently, but if you are looking to get the best, make sure you consider the following features.

  • Construction materials: Similar to car seatbelts, most of the wheelchair seat belts are made of soft nylon materials to boost their durability. Some models come padded while others are not; here you will need to consider your priorities. Additionally, you should ensure that the belt is equipped with a metallic buckle, as models with plastic buckles don’t last as much as the metallic buckles.
  • Adjustability: These belts also adjust to varied length, so it is important to look at the size of the patient before making your choice. To be on the safe side, we recommend selecting models with an adjustable length of at least 48 inches. This should allow it to accommodate both adults and kids.
  • Compatibility: It doesn’t make sense to purchase a safety belt that is not compatible with your wheelchair. Unfortunately, if you don’t check the specification, you may end up doing so. While these belts come in different designs, we recommend going for models that come with an all-round installation design. These belts do not require any installation tool and install on most wheelchairs.


As you probably know, each product is made differently. While the main aim is to provide the best performance, not all wheelchair seatbelts achieve this purpose. After an in-depth research, we have reviewed the top-selling models and provided you with a short guide to help you in picking a model that suits your needs best. We hope that this guide helps you in making an informed choice and pick a model that meets your demands.

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